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Blade Symphony: Shuffling Guide

Shuffling is a core movement mechanic that extends to some more advanced forms of movement. They are discussed here.


Welcome to this guide on the shuffle mechanic. The shuffle movement mechanic is an important movement tool every player should have. It can be used to position the player quickly, to run away etc. It is considered one of the trickier techniques for newer players to master but is well worth its while.

Shuffle (Basic)

Shuffle – Press the shuffle key [shift]. The player travels a short distance.

Shuffle ‘Charge’

Shuffle Charge – Press a movement key [W,A,S,D] and shuffle. Right after pressing
shuffle, hold down the attack key. Notice the distance travelled is greater than
just a simple shuffle and the attack charges like normal after.

1. After the shuffle, one is charging an attack like normal. An air cancel attack can
be performed immediately by pressing space and releasing the attack right after,
as was outlined in the air cancel section for air cancelling a charged attack.

2. As more distance is travelled, it can be used to arc around the opposing player more easily. However, the extra distance may give the opposing a bit more time to respond.

3. Shuffling to the side is very common with this mechanic. To charge a frontal attack instead of a side attack, which is what would happen if one holds down the side movement key, one must release the directional key right after pressing shuffle and before holding down the attack button.

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