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BLOCKPOST – Console Commands (Cheats)

All available console commands.

Console Commands

To open the console press at any time of the game F10. Press ENTER to apply the command.

1. showfps 1/0 – Hide/show FPS

2. clearprefs – Clear all “prefs”. i.e. clears data related to what kind of sight is worn on which weapon, what skin do you have, etc

3. lefthand 1/0 – for left-handers

4. sun N N – rotate the sun on the map at given coordinates(x,y)

5. clearent – clear all “ents”(spawns) in the map editor

6. fps_max N – sets the maximum FPS

7. sens N – sets sensitivity

8. zoomsens N – sets sensitivity in zoom

9. quit – closes the game

10. hud 0/1 – hide/show hud(interface)

11. hideweapon – hide weapon(switch the weapon so that it becomes visible again)

12. disablesun – turn off the sun(you can’t turn on sun after this command)

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