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Blood West Chapter 1 Boss Quick Guide

Blood West Chapter 1 Boss Quick Guide

I hope this guide helps anybody who was stuck on this. If you failed to kill this boss the first few times, don’t worry because you’re not alone. I got frustrated by this boss too, and that’s why I want to help out anybody else. This boss punishes anybody who tries to play slow and methodical (unlike the rest of the chapter) because after some time, the boss will summon an endless stream of Wendigos and you’ll just have a terrible time.

With this strategy, we’re going to kill the boss before it even gets to that point.

I will only list the items that I feel were the most necessary for beating this boss. You can bring other stuff but you should at least have most of the listed items.


  • The Hermit Stick
  • Decapitator
  • Living Vines
  • Orb of Night

The first three are found in the wild. Just look up another guide on where to find them. It won’t take long.

The Orb of Night is bought from Jim. A regular revolver works too but Orb of Night is a very good weapon and should also come in handy for chapter 2 so you might as well get it.

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  • Bandages
  • Health Potions

Just bring as many as you think you’ll need.


  • Eyeballs
  • Necklace with Fangs

These two are also found in the wild. As before, just use a guide to find these.


  • Regular revolver ammo
  • Gold shotgun ammo

You’ll need about 5 gold shotgun ammo, but it doesn’t hurt to bring more.

The journey to the boss

The easiest way to get to the canyon is to just use a chicken head and teleport to the canyon bed. Otherwise the fastest and easiest way is just to walk through the fort, down the trapdoor, and down to the bed like normal.

Once you’re down in the canyon, you’ll have to deal with some pesky mobs, but if you have the Hermit Stick, then you’ve probably already dealt with these mobs anyways. If not, then just handle them your usual way. You’ve done this before, surely.

Once you make it through the door, there will be no more enemies until further in, so feel free to scavenge for any loot if you wish. There’s a good amount of health potions and other stuff.

Once you make it to the middle area, your screen will blacken and blur as if you’re close to a cursed artifact. Go left and jump down the tiny hole. Now you’re in the stealthy part. You have to be very careful in this part because there’s a lot of monsters and if you’re not careful, they can do a number on you. Hopefully you got some health potions.

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As you go through the stealth path, make sure you destroy the red cysts. I don’t remember the exact number but if you get them all, then by the end the boss health should just be a little bit under half.

FYI the last room with the Wendigo and the raven skull has 2 cysts. One of them is on the ceiling so make sure you get both.

Killing the Boss

Once you’ve dealt with the Wendigo and destroyed all of the cysts, the teleporter will take you to the boss room. Use this quiet time to heal up and equip both of your shotguns. Make sure you load in the gold ammo.

Use the teleporter. The moment you appear in the boss room, run straight at the boss. Don’t worry about the spikes. They only do about 15 damage.

When you’re in range, wait for the boss to open up its shell and reveal the red flesh. Blast away with your gold ammo.

If you’ve gotten all the cysts and you have your unique shotguns with the gold ammo, you should be able to kill the boss in 4 to 5 hits.

Congratulations. You’ve managed to defeat the boss before it summons its endless horde of Wendigos and skulls.

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If this guide has helped you kill the boss, or if you failed to kill the boss even though you followed this guide, or if you found an easier method, then please let me know.

Written by KingofMemes69

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