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Bloodstained Ritual of the Night: All Items & Crafting Recipes

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is an exploration-focused, side-scroller action RPG by Koji Igarashi. Play as Miriam, an orphan scarred by an alchemist’s curse that slowly crystallizes her body. Battle through a demon-infested castle and defeat its master to save yourself, and all of humanity!

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All Items & Crafting Recipes

Bloodstained Ritual of the Night All Items & Crafting Recipes

NameTypeEnemy 1Enemy 2Enemy 3Enemy 4Quest Reward x AmountCrafting 1Q1Crafting 2Q2Crafting 3Q3Crafting 4Q4
Apple JuiceFoodApple2
Apple PieFoodApple2Sugar1Cinnamon3Pie Dough2
Apple RisottoFoodApple3Rice3Halite1Black Pepper1
Beef CurryFoodCurry Sauce1Rice1Flying Beef2
Berry SpaghettiFoodPasta3Strawberry2Heavy Cream4
CheesecakeFoodCheese1Heavy Cream1Lemon1Cookies1
Chicken CasseroleFoodIn Memory of Lily x3White Sauce1G-Bone Steak1Rice1Cheese1
Chicken CurryFoodCurry Sauce1Rice1G-Bone Steak3
Chicken SautéFoodG-Bone Steak2Halite1Black Pepper2Butter2
Chiffon CakeFoodDragon Egg1Flour1Sugar1Moco Oil1
Chocolate CakeFoodIn Memory of Morris x3Cocoa1Heavy Cream1Butter1Dragon Egg1
Chocolate CookiesFoodCocoa1Cookies1Baking Soda1
Chocolate CrepeFoodCocoa1Heavy Cream1Crepe Dough1
Cinnamon CookiesFoodCinnamon1Cookies1Baking Soda1
Classic SpaghettiFoodTomato1Pasta1Moco Leek3Consommé1
Corn ChowderFoodCorn1Milk1Bread1Potato1
Curry & RiceFoodCurry Sauce1Rice1
Dark MatterFoodDark Elemental x1 1%Rat Tail1Toad Eye1Witch’s Tears1Fell Leaf1
Egg on RiceFoodEgg1Rice1Soy Sauce1
Egg SouffléFoodDragon Egg1Heavy Cream1Sugar1Butter1
Exquisite SteakFoodFlying Beef2Halite1Black Pepper1Butter1
Fish & ChipsFoodFried Fish1Fried Potatoes3
Fish Hot PotFoodForneus Filet1Aquatic Filet1Consommé1Soy Sauce1
FlanFoodDragon Egg1Beast Milk1Sugar1
Fried EggFoodEgg1Moco Oil1Halite1
Fried FishFoodDragon Egg1Forneus Filet1Flour1Moco Oil1
Fried PotatoesFoodPotato1Halite1Flour1Moco Oil1
Fruit JuiceFoodApple1Strawberry1Lemon1Sugar1
Garlic ChickenFoodG-Bone Steak2Garlic2Halite2Black Pepper2
Ginger CutletFoodPlume Pork2Ginger1Soy Sauce1Moco Oil1
Lemon Cream PieFoodLemon2Sugar1Dragon Egg1Pie Dough2
LemonadeFoodLemon1Soda Water1Sugar1
Macaroni & CheeseFoodWhite Sauce1Moco Leek1Pasta3Cheese1
Macaroni GratinFoodWhite Sauce1Moco Leek1Pasta2Cheese1
ManjuFoodRed Bean Paste1Flour1Baking Soda1Sugar1
Meat Hot PotFoodG-Bone Steak1Flying Beef1Plume Pork1Soy Sauce1
Miso BrothFoodMiso1G-Bone Steak2Garlic1Ginger1
Miso CutletFoodPlume Pork2Dragon Egg1Miso2Moco Oil1
Miso RamenFoodChinese Noodles1Miso Broth1Butter2Corn5
NectarFoodAmbrosia1Beast Milk1Butter1Flour1
Pasta CarbonaraFoodPasta1Heavy Cream1Dragon Egg1Halite1
Pasta VongoleFoodPasta4Vongole Sauce1Fey Leaf3
PizzaFoodIn Memory of Noel x3Pizza Dough4Cheese2
Pork CurryFoodCurry Sauce1Rice1Plume Pork1
Rice BallFoodRice1Halite1
Rolled OmeletteFoodEgg2Sugar1
Scrambled EggsFoodDragon Egg1Moco Oil1Butter1
Sea Urchin PastaFoodPasta3Sea Urchin2White Sauce1Egg1
Seafood CurryFoodCurry Sauce1Rice1Forneus Filet1
Shiruko SpaghettiFoodPasta3Red Bean Paste2Heavy Cream4
Simmered ForneusFoodForneus Filet1Soy Sauce1Sugar1
SmoothieFoodTamako-Death x1 4%Strawberry1Apple1Beast Milk1Sugar1
Soy BrothFoodSoy Sauce1G-Bone Steak2Fey Leaf1Ginger1
Soy RamenFoodChinese Noodles1Soy Broth1Plume Pork2Fell Leaf1
Sponge CakeFoodEgg1Flour1Sugar1Beast Milk1
SteakFoodBeast Beef2Halite1Black Pepper1Butter1
Strawberry Au LaitFoodStrawberry1Beast Milk1
Strawberry CakeFoodStrawberry1Heavy Cream1Sponge Cake1
Strawberry CrepeFoodStrawberry4Heavy Cream1Crepe Dough1
Strawberry PieFoodStrawberry2Sugar1Heavy Cream2Pie Dough2
SukiyakiFoodG-Bone Steak4Moco Leek4Soy Sauce2Sugar1
Tonkotsu BrothFoodPlume Pork2Fey Leaf2Garlic1Ginger1
Tonkotsu RamenFoodChinese Noodles1Tonkotsu Broth1Plume Pork1Moco Leek1
Uni Rice BowlFoodAvenge the death of Rosaly! x3Rice3Sea Urchin2Soy Sauce1
16-bit CoinMaterial
32-bit CoinMaterial
8-bit CoinMaterial
8-bit NightmareMaterialEight Bit Overlord x1 8%
AlexandriteMaterialIce Elemental x1 2%
AlkahestMaterialPoltergeist x1 10%Amy x1 12%Ghost x1 12%
AmbrosiaMaterialVul’sha x1 6%
AppleMaterialOcypete x1 8%
Aquatic BloodMaterialScylla x1 10%
Aquatic FiletMaterialDeeseama x1 8%
Baking SodaMaterial
Bat FangMaterialBat x1 5%
Beast BeefMaterialZagan x1 8%
Beast MilkMaterialZagan x1 8%
BixbiteMaterialFire Elemental x1 4%
Black PepperMaterial
Bovine PlumeMaterialHaagenti x1 6%
BronzeMaterialDullahammer x1 12%
Cacao BeanMaterial
Cannon ScrapMaterialCannon Morte x1 12%
CashmereMaterialGiant Buer x1 5%
Chair RemnantsMaterialChair Mimic x1 5%
CheeseMaterialGiant Rat x1 12%Milk1Rennet1
Chinese NoodlesMaterialFlour1Baking Soda1
ClamMaterialScylla x1 8%
CocoaMaterialBuer x1 2%Cacao Bean1Beast Milk1Sugar1
ConsomméMaterialBeast Beef1Moco Leek1Halite1Black Pepper1
Corn SeedMaterial
CottonMaterialMoco Weed x1 8%
Crepe DoughMaterialFlour1Sugar1Beast Milk1Dragon Egg1
CrimsoniteMaterialNinja x1 4%
CrystalMaterialLiving Fossil x1 8%Avenge the death of Soleiyu! x2
Curry PowderMaterialOrdog x1 3%
Curry SauceMaterialCurry Powder1Moco Leek1Moco Oil1Halite1
CypressMaterialDeathtrap x1 4%
DamascusMaterialAxe Outsider x1 12%Puppy x1 5%Avenge the death of Trevor! x3
Demon BoneMaterialVolcano Morte x1 10%
Demon ClawMaterialHellhound x1 5%
Demon Dog FangMaterialGieremund x1 5%
Demon EyeMaterialGiant Toad x1 12%Seeker x1 10%
Demon FangMaterialArchdemon x1 10%
Demon HeartMaterialArchdemon x1 4%
Demon HornMaterialGaap x1 5%
Demon PeltMaterialMacaron x1 4%
Demon TailMaterialArchdemon x1 12%
Demon WingMaterialGaap x1 10%Giant Bat x1 10%
DiamondMaterialDark Elemental x1 4%Light Elemental x1 0.5%Avenge the death of Carl! x1
Dragon BoneMaterialLiving Fossil x1 5%
Dragon EggMaterialDragon x1 5%Abyssal Guardian x2 10%
Dragon HeartMaterialAbyssal Guardian x1 5%
Dragon ScaleMaterialDragon x1 8%
Dragon TalonsMaterialDragon x1 5%
Dragon’s WrathMaterialAbyssal Guardian x1 8%
Dreadful RagMaterialBarbatos x1 12%
Durable LeatherMaterialDecarabia x1 8%
Durable RagMaterialAssassin x1 8%
Eastern FabricMaterialNinja x1 10%
EctoplasmMaterialGhost x1 10%Amy x1 10%
ElmMaterialCannon Morte x1 4%
EmeraldMaterialThunder Elemental x1 5%
Faeri WingMaterial
Faerie DustMaterialCarabosse x1 10%
Faerie WingMaterialSidhe x1 5%
Fell LeafMaterialGiant Moco x1 8%
Fey LeafMaterialMoco Weed x1 6%
Fiend EyeMaterialTracer x1 5%
Fiend FangMaterialMarbas x1 8%
Fiend HeartMaterialDemon Lord x1 2%
Fiend PeltMaterialSilver Wolfman x1 5%
Fiend SkullMaterialG Axe Outsider x1 5%
Flight FeatherMaterialOcypete x1 5%
Flying BeefMaterialHaagenti x1 1%
Forneus FiletMaterialForneus x1 8%
G-Bone SteakMaterialCelaeno x1 5%
Gargoyle StoneMaterialGargoyle x1 10%
GoldMaterialMercury50Dark Matter10
Grotesque ShellMaterialScythe Mite x1 6%
GunpowderMaterialBomber Morte x1 10%Sulfur1Saltpeter1
HaliteMaterialSeama x1 5%
Heavy CreamMaterialAvenge the death of Dario! x5Beast Milk1Sugar1
Hellhorse HoofMaterialGamigin x1 8%
Hellhorse ManeMaterialGamigin x1 5%
HempMaterialBarbatos x1 5%Avenge the death of Annette! x5
HoundskinMaterialGieremund x1 10%
Imbrued BoneMaterialMaster Carpenter x1 12%
Imbrued FangMaterialMillionaire’s Bane x1 12%
Imbrued SkullMaterialRevenant x1 12%
Inhuman CarapaceMaterialBlood Bug x1 5%
IronMaterialBlood Grinder Knight x1 10%Dullahammer x1 8%
LemonMaterialRul’sha x1 8%Aello x1 3%
Leonine PeltMaterialBuer x1 10%
Lili EarsMaterialLili x1 8%
Lili TailMaterialLili x1 5%
Lion Lord’s ManeMaterialMarbas x1 5%
Lion ManeMaterialSabnock x1 12%
Lycan ClawMaterialWolfman x1 8%
MahoganyMaterialDeathtrap x1 8%
Melting BoneMaterialShield Outsider x1 12%Bone Morte x1 15%
Melting SkullMaterialBone Morte x1 5%
MithrilMaterialAxe Outsider x1 10%
Moco LeekMaterialGiant Moco x4 10%Moco Weed x1 12%
Moco OilMaterialMoco Weed x1 12%Giant Moco x4 12%
Monster Bird HairMaterialCelaeno x1 6%
Monster Bird TearMaterialOcypete x1 15%Aello x1 8%
Monster BloodMaterialSimian x1 10%
Monster FangMaterialBuer x1 5%
Monster FurMaterialSimian x1 3%
Monster HornMaterialZagan x1 12%
OakMaterialPoltergeist x1 10%Carriage Morte x1 4%
ObsidianMaterialLight Elemental x1 10%Sabnock x1 5%Gargoyle x1 8%Avenge the death of Simon! x5
OrichalcumMaterialG Axe Outsider x1 2%
Pie DoughMaterialFlour1Butter1Cookies1
Pizza DoughMaterialFlour1Moco Oil1Sugar1Halite1
PlatinumMaterialAxe Outsider x1 5%Kunekune x1 15%Avenge the death of Mathius! x2
Plume PorkMaterialPlume Parma x1 12%
Pork CutletMaterialPlume Parma x1 1%
Potato SeedMaterial
Queen’s TailMaterialLamashtu x1 10%
Queen’s TearsMaterialLamashtu x1 6%Tamako-Death x1 5%
Rat TailMaterialGiant Rat x1 10%
Rat TeethMaterialGiant Rat x1 4%
Red BeanMaterialGusion x1 8%
Red Bean PasteMaterialRed Bean1Sugar1Halite1
RennetMaterialHaagenti x1 12%Zagan x1 15%
RiceMaterialIn Memory of Catherine x5
Rice SeedMaterial
RubyMaterialFire Elemental x1 12%Buer Armor x1 5%
SapphireMaterialShovel Armor x1 5%
Sea UrchinMaterialDullahammer x1 8%
Sharp RazorMaterialKiller Barber x1 10%
SilkMaterialKamikaze x1 8%Allocer x1 5%
SilverMaterialShield Outsider x1 10%Avenge the death of Edward! x3
Sinister EyeMaterialPoison Toad x1 5%
Sinister FangMaterialDemon x1 10%
Sinister HeartMaterialDemon x1 4%
Sinister PeltMaterialWolfman x1 12%
Sinister RagMaterialCyhyraeth x1 8%
Sinister SkullMaterialShield Outsider x1 5%
Slimy LeatherMaterialDeeseama x1 4%
Small WebbingMaterialBat x1 15%
Soda WaterMaterialBaking Soda1Lemon1
Soy SauceMaterial
SteelMaterialBuer Armor x1 8%Blood Grinder Knight x1 5%Avenge the death of Porter! x5
Strange LeatherMaterialDantalion x1 8%
StrawberryMaterialCelaeno x1 10%Tamako-Death x1 12%
Sword FragmentMaterialBloodbringer x1 5%
Thunderbird PlumeMaterialCelaeno x1 8%
Toad EyeMaterialToad x1 8%
Toad HeartMaterialPoison Toad x1 8%Toad x1 2%
Toad WebbingMaterialWater Leaper x1 5%
TomatoMaterialAello x1 8%
Tome ScrapMaterialDantalion x1 6%
Vespine StingerMaterialSidhe x1 8%Scythe Mite x1 3%
Vespine WingMaterialTitania x1 5%
Vongole SauceMaterialGarlic1Moco Oil1Halite1Clam1
WalnutMaterialChair Mimic x1 8%
Water Horse HoofMaterialGlashtyn x1 10%
Water Horse ManeMaterialGlashtyn x1 5%
White SauceMaterialButter1Beast Milk1Flour1Halite1
Witch’s TearsMaterialCyhyraeth x1 5%
WoolMaterialWolfman x1 12%
Writhing LimbMaterialSeama x1 12%
EtherPotionGhost x1 6%Rat Tail1Monster Bird Tear1
Ex EtherPotionHigh Ether4Panacea3
Ex PotionPotionHigh Potion4Panacea3
Faerie AllhealPotionEx Potion1Faerie Dust1
Faerie ElixirPotionCarabosse x1 4%High Potion1Faerie Dust1
Faerie MedicinePotionCarabosse x1 8%Potion1Faerie Dust1
Faerie PanaceaPotionPanacea1Faerie Dust1
High EtherPotionEther4
High PotionPotionPotion4
Holy WaterPotionMonster Bird Tear1Halite5
MithridatePotionScythe Mite x1 10%Monster Bird Tear1Toad Eye1
PanaceaPotionHoly Water1Mithridate1Stonethaw1
PoisonPotionScythe Mite x1 5%Monster Bird Tear1Vespine Stinger1
PotionPotionSmall Webbing1Melting Bone1
StonethawPotionGargoyle x1 10%Monster Bird Tear1Melting Bone1
Hair Apparent IKey
Hair Apparent IIKey
Hair Apparent IIIKeyAvenge the death of Dan! x1
Hair Apparent IVKeyCraving a Classic Sweet x1
Hair Apparent VKey
Hair Apparent VIKey
Hair Apparent VIIKey
Hair Apparent VIIIKey
Hair Apparent IXKeyIn Memory of Edith x1
GKeyThe Stranded Man x1000
Galleon MapKey
Silver BromideKey
Celeste’s KeyKey
Village KeyKey
Fine Healing Item/RKey
Ultimate Healing Item/RKey
Faerie Healing Item/RKey
Elemental Ammunition/RKey
Special Ammunition/RKey
Steel Equipment/RKey
Obsidian Equipment/RKey
Gold Equipment/RKey
Fine Equipment/RKey
Very Fine Equipment/RKey
Curry Dish/RKey

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