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Bloodstained Ritual of the Night: List of All Chests

Bloodstained Ritual of the Night: List of All Chests

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is an exploration-focused, side-scroller action RPG by Koji Igarashi. Play as Miriam, an orphan scarred by an alchemist’s curse that slowly crystallizes her body. Battle through a demon-infested castle and defeat its master to save yourself, and all of humanity!

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List of All Chests

Chest TypeLocationItem 1Item 2Item 3Item 4
GreenCastle EntranceCrow Hat   
GreenCastle EntranceMeat Dish/R   
GreenCastle EntranceFine Healing Item/R   
Red/GoldCastle Entrance1000G   
GreenDen of BehemothsMillionaire’s Key   
GreenDen of BehemothsValkyrie Tiara   
GreenDen of BehemothsCashmere Equipment/R   
GreenDen of BehemothsCrystal Armor   
GreenDen of BehemothsWarhorse Key   
GreenDen of BehemothsFragarach   
Red/GoldDen of Behemoths1000G   
BlueDian Cécht CathedralSponge CakeWool  
BlueDian Cécht CathedralSponge CakePlatinum  
GreenDian Cécht CathedralHair Apparent X   
GreenDian Cécht CathedralCarpenter’s Key   
GreenDian Cécht CathedralHair Apparent I   
GreenDian Cécht CathedralHair Apparent II   
GreenDian Cécht CathedralCake/R   
GreenDian Cécht CathedralVery Fine Equipment/R   
Red/GoldDian Cécht Cathedral2000G   
Red/GoldDian Cécht Cathedral2000G   
WoodDian Cécht CathedralPotion   
BlueForbidden Underground WaterwayRuby   
BlueForbidden Underground WaterwayEmerald   
BlueForbidden Underground WaterwayRennetSapphire  
BlueForbidden Underground WaterwayFried Fish   
BlueForbidden Underground WaterwayFried FishPlatinumMahoganyCrystal
BlueForbidden Underground WaterwayFried FishMahoganyCrystal 
BlueForbidden Underground Waterway500G   
BlueForbidden Underground WaterwayMahoganyPlatinum  
BlueForbidden Underground Waterway500G   
GreenForbidden Underground Waterway    
GreenForbidden Underground Waterway    
GreenForbidden Underground Waterway    
GreenForbidden Underground Waterway    
GreenForbidden Underground WaterwayRose Ring   
GreenForbidden Underground WaterwaySwordfish   
GreenForbidden Underground WaterwayFaerie Scarf   
GreenForbidden Underground WaterwayUltimate Dish/R   
GreenForbidden Underground WaterwaySteel Lightning   
GreenForbidden Underground WaterwayStrider Belt   
GreenForbidden Underground WaterwayFish Dish/R   
GreenForbidden Underground WaterwayCurry Dish/R   
GreenForbidden Underground WaterwaySupreme Dish/R   
GreenForbidden Underground WaterwaySteel Equipment/R   
GreenForbidden Underground WaterwayElemental Ammunition/R   
Red/GoldForbidden Underground Waterway500G   
Red/GoldForbidden Underground Waterway2000G   
GreenGalleon MinervaHair Apparent XII   
BlueGarden of SilenceSteelGingerHemp 
BlueGarden of SilenceGinger   
GreenGarden of SilenceBlack Belt   
GreenGarden of SilenceFaerie Healing Item/R   
GreenGarden of SilenceObsidian Equipment/R   
GreenHall of TerminationBlutgang   
GreenHall of TerminationFine Equipment/R   
GreenHall of TerminationLegendary Equipment/R   
GreenHall of TerminationUltimate Healing Item/R   
GreenHall of TerminationHair Apparent XI   
GreenHall of TerminationCeleste’s Key   
BlueHidden DesertMahogany   
BlueHidden DesertMithridateMahogany  
BlueHidden DesertMithridate   
BlueHidden DesertMithridateMahogany  
BlueHidden DesertCrystal   
BlueHidden DesertGold   
BlueHidden DesertGoldMahogany  
BlueHidden DesertMahogany   
BlueHidden DesertMithridateCrystalGold 
BlueHidden DesertMahogany   
BlueHidden DesertMithridateGold  
BlueHidden DesertMahogany   
GreenHidden DesertTraveler’s Hat   
GreenHidden DesertWeighted Ring   
GreenHidden DesertPotent Ammunition/R   
GreenInferno CaveUltimate Ammunition/R   
GreenInferno CaveRisk Ring   
GreenInferno CaveLohengrin   
BlueLivre Ex MachinaGarlicDamascus  
GreenLivre Ex MachinaCookies/R   
GreenLivre Ex MachinaDrink/R   
GreenLivre Ex MachinaGold Equipment/R   
GreenOriental Sorcery LabRamen /R   
GreenOriental Sorcery LabKitsune Mask   
GreenOriental Sorcery LabCrimsonite Equipment/R   
GreenOriental Sorcery LabHair Apparent VIII   
GreenOriental Sorcery LabOfuda Talisman   
GreenOriental Sorcery LabTalisman Scarf   
NoseOriental Sorcery LabManju   
Red/GoldOriental Sorcery Lab2000G   
Red/GoldOriental Sorcery Lab2000G   
GreenSecret Sorcery LabSpiked Breastplate   
GreenTowers of Twin DragonsAegis Plate   
GreenTowers of Twin DragonsPasta Dish/R   
GreenTowers of Twin DragonsHair Apparent VI   
GreenTowers of Twin DragonsHair Apparent VII   
GreenTowers of Twin DragonsValkyrie Dress   
GreenTowers of Twin DragonsSweets/R   
GreenTowers of Twin DragonsSpecial Ammunition/R   
BlueUnderground Sorcery LabCurry PowderDamascus  
GreenUnderground Sorcery LabDamascus Equipment/R   

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