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Bloodstained Ritual of the Night: List of All Quests

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is an exploration-focused, side-scroller action RPG by Koji Igarashi. Play as Miriam, an orphan scarred by an alchemist’s curse that slowly crystallizes her body. Battle through a demon-infested castle and defeat its master to save yourself, and all of humanity!

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List of All Quests

Quests Name Quest Issuer Target Enemy, Item or Location Amount Reward Amount
Avenge the death of my husband! Lindsay Morte 5 Ring 3
Avenge the death of Rosaly! Lindsay Dullahammer 3 Uni Rice Bowl 3
Avenge the death of Annette! Lindsay Gieremund 4 Hemp 5
Avenge the death of Lisa! Lindsay Sabnock 2 Brigandine 1
Avenge the death of Simon! Lindsay Barbatos 4 Obsidian 5
Avenge the death of Porter! Lindsay Demon 4 Steel 5
Avenge the death of Dan! Lindsay Wolfman 3 Hair Apparent III 1
Avenge the death of Edward! Lindsay Shield Outsider 5 Silver 3
Avenge the death of Shawn! Lindsay Assassin 4 Cutpurse’s Ring 1
Avenge the death of Dario! Lindsay Ocypete 6 Heavy Cream 5
Avenge the death of Trevor! Lindsay Axe Outsider 5 Damascus 3
Avenge the death of Mathius! Lindsay Archdemon 6 Platinum 2
Avenge the death of Martha! Lindsay Deeseama 8 Speed Belt 1
Avenge the death of Soleiyu! Lindsay Living Fossil 4 Crystal 2
Avenge the death of Carl! Lindsay Lamashtu 6 Diamond 1
Avenge the death of Mitta! Lindsay Gusion 13 Crimsonite 1
Avenge the death of Sypha! Lindsay Demon Lord 6 Bixbite 1
Avenge the death of Juste! Lindsay Millionaire’s Bane 1 Gold Power Ring 1
Avenge the death of Richter! Lindsay Revenant 1 Bandit Blade 1
Avenge the death of Julius! Lindsay IGA 1 Sword Whip 1
In Memory of Catherine Abigail Tunic 1 Rice 5
In Memory of Caleb Abigail Ring 1 Safe Ring 1
In Memory of Noel Abigail Brigandine 1 Pizza 3
In Memory of Morris Abigail Bat Wings 1 Chocolate Cake 3
In Memory of Talia Abigail Rhava Búral 1 Toy Shoes 1
In Memory of Norah Abigail Flame Ring 1 Eye of Horus 1
In Memory of Edith Abigail Tea Dress 1 Hair Apparent IX 1
In Memory of Alba Abigail Hound Vest 1 Cowboy Hat 1
In Memory of Dennis Abigail Flame Circlet 1 Warlock’s Necklace 1
In Memory of Lily Abigail Silver Tiara 1 Chicken Casserole 3
In Memory of Wanda Abigail Silk Dress 1 Maid’s Hairband 1
In Memory of Rachel Abigail Ribbon 1 Silver Power Ring 1
In Memory of Nadia Abigail Diamond 1 Majestic Plate 1
In Memory of Enos Abigail Orichalcum 1 Forneus Meunière 3
In Memory of George Abigail Ancient Tiara 1 Solomon’s Ring 1
Craving a Portable Snack Susie Rice Ball 1 Thorn Whip 1
Craving Something Irresistible Susie Pizza 1 Convex Glasses 1
Craving Fried Finger Food Susie Fried Potatoes 1 Tsurumaru 1
Craving Yellow Kernels Susie Corn Chowder 1 Apron 1
Craving a Baked Dish Susie Macaroni Gratin 1 Kukri 1
Craving a Classic Sweet Susie Cookies 1 Hair Apparent IV 1
Craving Something Spicy Susie Curry & Rice 1 Berdiche 1
Craving a Novel Idea Susie Omurice 1 Gondo-Shizunori 1
Craving a Rolled Up Treat Susie Strawberry Crepe 1 Feather Robe 1
Craving Saucy Strands Susie Classic Spaghetti 1 Murgleis 1
Craving Something Refreshing Susie Lemonade 1 Duelist’s Guard 1
Craving Something Breaded Susie Pork Cutlet 1 Dojigiri 1
Craving Something Fluffy Susie Egg Soufflé 1 Misericode 1
Craving a Miracle Susie Chiffon Cake 1 Fangshi Scarf 1
Craving a Crispy Skin Susie Chicken Sauté 1 Kaladanda 1
Craving Something with Sea Urchin Susie Uni Rice Bowl 1 Lethality Ring 1
Craving Risotto Susie Apple Risotto 1 Demon Necklace 1
Craving Noodles in Broth Susie Soy Ramen 1 Gambler’s Ring 1
Craving Something That Falls Apart Susie Simmered Forneus 1 Dáinsleif 1
Craving a Beef Hot Pot Susie Sukiyaki 1 8-bit Nightmare 1
Craving Something Life Changing Susie Exquisite Steak 1 Recycle Hat 1
The Stranded Man Benjamin The Stranded Man 1000G 1
The Still Stranded Man Benjamin The Still Stranded Man 5000G 1
Why, Stranded Man Benjamin Why, Stranded Man 10000G 1

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