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Bloodstained Ritual of the Night: List of All Quests

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is an exploration-focused, side-scroller action RPG by Koji Igarashi. Play as Miriam, an orphan scarred by an alchemist’s curse that slowly crystallizes her body. Battle through a demon-infested castle and defeat its master to save yourself, and all of humanity!

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List of All Quests

Quests NameQuest IssuerTarget Enemy, Item or LocationAmountRewardAmount
Avenge the death of my husband!LindsayMorte5Ring3
Avenge the death of Rosaly!LindsayDullahammer3Uni Rice Bowl3
Avenge the death of Annette!LindsayGieremund4Hemp5
Avenge the death of Lisa!LindsaySabnock2Brigandine1
Avenge the death of Simon!LindsayBarbatos4Obsidian5
Avenge the death of Porter!LindsayDemon4Steel5
Avenge the death of Dan!LindsayWolfman3Hair Apparent III1
Avenge the death of Edward!LindsayShield Outsider5Silver3
Avenge the death of Shawn!LindsayAssassin4Cutpurse’s Ring1
Avenge the death of Dario!LindsayOcypete6Heavy Cream5
Avenge the death of Trevor!LindsayAxe Outsider5Damascus3
Avenge the death of Mathius!LindsayArchdemon6Platinum2
Avenge the death of Martha!LindsayDeeseama8Speed Belt1
Avenge the death of Soleiyu!LindsayLiving Fossil4Crystal2
Avenge the death of Carl!LindsayLamashtu6Diamond1
Avenge the death of Mitta!LindsayGusion13Crimsonite1
Avenge the death of Sypha!LindsayDemon Lord6Bixbite1
Avenge the death of Juste!LindsayMillionaire’s Bane1Gold Power Ring1
Avenge the death of Richter!LindsayRevenant1Bandit Blade1
Avenge the death of Julius!LindsayIGA1Sword Whip1
In Memory of CatherineAbigailTunic1Rice5
In Memory of CalebAbigailRing1Safe Ring1
In Memory of NoelAbigailBrigandine1Pizza3
In Memory of MorrisAbigailBat Wings1Chocolate Cake3
In Memory of TaliaAbigailRhava Búral1Toy Shoes1
In Memory of NorahAbigailFlame Ring1Eye of Horus1
In Memory of EdithAbigailTea Dress1Hair Apparent IX1
In Memory of AlbaAbigailHound Vest1Cowboy Hat1
In Memory of DennisAbigailFlame Circlet1Warlock’s Necklace1
In Memory of LilyAbigailSilver Tiara1Chicken Casserole3
In Memory of WandaAbigailSilk Dress1Maid’s Hairband1
In Memory of RachelAbigailRibbon1Silver Power Ring1
In Memory of NadiaAbigailDiamond1Majestic Plate1
In Memory of EnosAbigailOrichalcum1Forneus Meunière3
In Memory of GeorgeAbigailAncient Tiara1Solomon’s Ring1
Craving a Portable SnackSusieRice Ball1Thorn Whip1
Craving Something IrresistibleSusiePizza1Convex Glasses1
Craving Fried Finger FoodSusieFried Potatoes1Tsurumaru1
Craving Yellow KernelsSusieCorn Chowder1Apron1
Craving a Baked DishSusieMacaroni Gratin1Kukri1
Craving a Classic SweetSusieCookies1Hair Apparent IV1
Craving Something SpicySusieCurry & Rice1Berdiche1
Craving a Novel IdeaSusieOmurice1Gondo-Shizunori1
Craving a Rolled Up TreatSusieStrawberry Crepe1Feather Robe1
Craving Saucy StrandsSusieClassic Spaghetti1Murgleis1
Craving Something RefreshingSusieLemonade1Duelist’s Guard1
Craving Something BreadedSusiePork Cutlet1Dojigiri1
Craving Something FluffySusieEgg Soufflé1Misericode1
Craving a MiracleSusieChiffon Cake1Fangshi Scarf1
Craving a Crispy SkinSusieChicken Sauté1Kaladanda1
Craving Something with Sea UrchinSusieUni Rice Bowl1Lethality Ring1
Craving RisottoSusieApple Risotto1Demon Necklace1
Craving Noodles in BrothSusieSoy Ramen1Gambler’s Ring1
Craving Something That Falls ApartSusieSimmered Forneus1Dáinsleif1
Craving a Beef Hot PotSusieSukiyaki18-bit Nightmare1
Craving Something Life ChangingSusieExquisite Steak1Recycle Hat1
The Stranded ManBenjaminThe Stranded Man1000G1
The Still Stranded ManBenjaminThe Still Stranded Man5000G1
Why, Stranded ManBenjaminWhy, Stranded Man10000G1
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