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Bloons TD 6 Contested Territory: Everything you need to know

So, Contested Territory has FINALLY arrived to BTD6 but, what’s this? You don’t know anything about Contested Territory and you have no idea how to play it? Have no fear! This guide here will teach/tell you everything there is to know about Contested Territory.


In this guide, we will be taking a look into the new game mode, Contested Territory, and we will explain all there is to know about it.

What is Contested Territory?

Contested Territory is a brand new game mode added to BTD 6 in Update 32.0. As Ninja Kiwi said so themselves, they put a game in a game.

Contested Territory has existed in the Bloons franchise since Bloons Monkey City. Here in BTD 6, Ninja Kiwi has made some changes to the game mode to help balance it and set it apart from BMC.

In this game mode, 6 different teams of a maximum of 15 players each (allowing a max of 90 players) compete for the most Territory on a hexagonal board made of Tiles. The Team with the most amount of CT points will be the winner at the end of the event

How do I play Contested Territory?

To Play Contested Territory You Click This Button On The Main Menu

Contested Territory: Everything you need to know

Or You Can Click Social

Contested Territory: Everything you need to know-1

Then Contested Territory

Contested Territory: Everything you need to know-224

Once You Click On One Of These You Will Find Yourself On This Screen:

Contested Territory: Everything you need to know-2

Click play and select the team you want to be on. I recommend you try to join almost full groups so you have a higher chance of your team winning. Contribute to your team as you capture tiles help them be the victor at then end of the event. There are many different types of tiles for you to capture, but you can only attempt to capture tiles adjacent to that of your team’s tiles.

What Are Tickets?

Tickets are used to attack and take over a tile in Contested Territory. Each player is given 4 tickets to use everyday and a ticket won’t be consumed till you win. Meaning that you will not lose a ticket if you lose, leave the game or use a continue. After 24 hours you will have your ticket meter restored back to 4. If you or someone else in your team does NOT use all or any of their tickets then those tickets will be put into a ticket pool for your team. Once they are in the pool anyone in the team can use those tickets so none of them will go to waste. You can check how many tickets you have left here:

Contested Territory: Everything you need to know-3

What are Tiles and How Do They Work?

Tiles are the areas of hexagons on the map you must claim as your teams territory. To claim a tile, you must have a free ticket and complete the challenge that is offered on the tile. Once you have done that, the tile will belong to your team. Upon claiming the tile, you will set a record on the tile that will slowly deteriorate/degrade over time, allowing the tile to become easier for an enemy team to capture and claim as their own. If your tile doesn’t get captured after 24 hours the tile will return to neutral meaning that no one will own it anymore. However, as an enemy team is able to take your team’s tiles, so can your team. Beating a score belonging to enemy team’s tile will have your team take their tile as their own.

Different Types of Tiles

There several different types of tiles available to be captured in Contested Territory, so we will take a look at each one and explain it’s challenge and how to conquer each one

Time Attack

Contested Territory: Everything you need to know-4

Time Attack tiles are much like that of any race you’d do in BTD6. You must finish the tile as fast as possible to claim it and/or hold for as long as possible

Least Tiers

Contested Territory: Everything you need to know-5

A Least Tiers tile is different from a race Tile. While you do not have to beat the map as quickly as you can, you do have to beat it using as little towers and upgrades as possible. Placing down a tower will count as a Tier used, and selling doesn’t count towards the amount of towers/tiers used to beat the challenge.

Least Cash

Contested Territory: Everything you need to know-6

A Least Cash Tile is exactly as it sounds. Beat the challenge using as little money as possible. Once more, selling will not help towards the least amount of cash used.


Contested Territory: Everything you need to know-7

Perhaps the most unique, and hardest tile, is the Boss tile. In a boss tile, you must defeat a Tier 1 or 2 boss as quickly as possible as if you were to do Ranked mode in an actual boss event; just like in Ranked mode, you will receive a penalty if a round lasts too long. Difference is, your tower options are far more limited than usual, making for a much harder boss than usual. Bosses will always spawn with a relic or banner tile bonus as well.

There are also other tiles. These include:

Relic Tiles

Contested Territory: Everything you need to know-8

These relic tiles are powerful tiles to take over. These give you relics that will let you be able to take over other tiles much easier. These can be things like allowing you to use a certain power in a game like a camo trap, or it could be a universal buff such as allowing all monkeys to pop leads. We will be going into much more detail with these guys later in the guide.

Contested Territory: Everything you need to know-9

These banner tiles are much harder than other challenges on the board. However they reward your team a lot of CT points making these very valuable tiles to capture. And it’s definitely worth spending your tickets to claim these tiles.

All Relics and what they do

So what is a Relic you ask? As mentioned earlier, a Relic is much like the Powers in the rest of the game. These “Powers” could be used to assist you in capturing a Tile, but there’s a catch to them. Not only they can they only be obtained from capturing a Relic Tile or using the relic store to buy relics with team trophies, but you could also only use a maximum of 4 each time you attempt to capture a Tile.

With that out the way, let’s explain each Relic and what they do.

Starting Cash
This Relic allows you to start with an extra 300 in-game cash. This Relic also stack with More Cash on Regular Tiles

Flint Tips
This Relic allows towers with sharp projectile, like Dart Monkey, to apply a fire DoT (Damage over Time) effect to all bloons they hit. The DoT does 1 damage every 2s for 4s

With this Relic, all activated ability cooldowns are reduced by 10%

Air and Sea
This Relic allows all Ace, Heli, Buccaneer, and Sub monkeys to have their upgrade cost reduced by 10% and have their reloading improved by 5%

Hard Baked
This powerful Relic makes all Ceramic bloons take +1 extra damage from all attacks

This Relic grants the use of 2 Super Monkey Storms per game
(can’t be used in time attack)

Bigger Bloon Sabotage
All MOAB-class Bloons spawn with 15% less health and move at 95% speed

Broken Heart
All attacks do +1 damage to regrow Bloons

Camo Trap
Grants the use of 2 Camo Trap Powerups per game
(can’t be used in time attack)

Deep Heat
All attacks can pop white Bloons

Extra Empowered
Your hero starts a game with 3 extra levels (stacks with Empowered Heroes on Regular Tiles)

All attacks do +1 damage to Fortified Bloons

Hero Boost
Heroes earn XP 10% faster in each game

Mana Bulwark
Creates a shield that absorbs up to 50 lives (stacks with Mana Shield on Regular Tiles)

Marching Boots
In restricted count games, give players +w max count of each tower in their loadout or +4 total max count per game

Grants the use of 1 MOAB Mine Powerup per game
(can’t be used in time attack)

Restore 10 lives per round up to each game’s starting lives value, if no lives lost the round

Grants the use of 1 Tech Bot Powerup per game

All attacks do +1 damage to camo bloons

Royal Treatment
All attacks can pop purple bloons

Rounding Up
Every round when completed gives you +20 dollars

Monkey Boost
Grants the use of 2 Monkey Boost Powerups per game
(can’t be used in time attack)

Glue Trap
Grants the use of 2 Glue Trap Powerups per game
(can’t be used in time attack)

Alchemist Touch
Allows all attacks to pop lead bloons

Box of Chocolates
Start each game with 100 extra lives

Box of Monkey
Start each game with one free Monkey costing $500 or less for unmodified initial placement.
(Based off Medium prices. Free monkey MK is used first)

Going the Distance
All Monkeys gain +10% range

Road Spikes
Grants 10 stacks of Road Spikes per game
(can’t be used in time attack)

All attacks can pop black Bloons

What is The Team Store?

The Team Store is used to buy relics and cosmetic items for your team. These include Island slots, Main building slots, Team icons, Water slots, air slots and banners. There will also be more cosmetic items added later down the line. To buy items, you contribute your trophies as a team and once you have reached the desired amount of trophies. Everyone who contributed trophies to that specific item will get it.

You can access the team store by clicking here:

Contested Territory: Everything you need to know-10

Relic Store

Contested Territory: Everything you need to know-11

Cosmetic Store

Contested Territory: Everything you need to know-12


Contested Territory: Everything you need to know-13

How Do I Activate Color Blind Support?

Click Here

Contested Territory: Everything you need to know-14

This will make it so that instead of color identifying the teams it will now go off by shape.


Contested Territory: Everything you need to know-15


Contested Territory: Everything you need to know-16

(note that there is now a shape symbol by the teams leader board on the right and the shapes on the captured tiles.)

Written by Red Sword

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