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Book of Hours How to get off the beach

Weather Factory games don’t hold your hand. It’s part of the fun. But sometimes, it’s not fun to be stuck. If you’re stuck, I will hold you hand with this guide. It contains spoilers, but that’s what you came here for.

Further sections of this guide (how to get into the library) are in-progress, but I figured I might as well share now to offer a little help.

Getting off the Beach

The storm so scattered your thoughts. Click the eyeball icon on the left side of the screen, known as the consider verb, to collect your things: your journal, your health (half-drowned), and your memory of the storm.

Open the consider verb, and add your book, then add the memory: storm. Press start, and let the timer run.

You will be presented with a choice of elements of the soul. This is the character creation. Click on the cards to read their descriptions, and choose one to keep (You can pause the game while you read by hitting the space key.). If you can’t decide, my favourite is shapt, because my experience with cultist sim taught me that knock aspect is always useful. You’ll have the chance to gain the others, and more, later.

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Once you’ve made your choice, open consider, and add your book, and then the element you’d like to keep. Press start and let the timer run.

How to get off the beach

Then you’ll get a choice between four more cards. This will cement your past, and determine which of the 4 possible people in town is your frend. Phost is the rector, ereb is the midwife, wist is the coffinmaker, and the other one (which I haven’t tried yet) is presumably the blacksmith. Your friend will always offer you assistance for free, while you’ll have to pay the others money. I found phost and the rector to be useful enough, but my new favourite is to take either ereb or wist, since the coffinmaker and the midwife are married, if one is your friend, they both give you assistance for free. Two for the price of one.

Once you’ve read the descriptions and made your choice, repeat as you did for the other soul card. You’ll gain the card “An Old Friend’s Address.”

Once the timer runs down and you collect your cards, it’s time to call for help. Open the other verb (mouth icon), talk. You can click the slot to see which of your soul cards can be added, as they’ll light up. Drag in a suitable card, and run the timer.

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How to get off the beach

You’ll spawn a fisherman, but you’re a stranger, and he doesn’t trust you. Put him in the talk verb with your old friend’s address, and run it.

You’ll be presented, finally, with a usable fisherman’s assistance card.

Click on the stairs to Brancrug Village at the edge of the beach, add the fisherman’s assistance, and press unlock. Let the timer run.

How to get off the beach

Congratulations! You made it into town!

An Old Friend

This section is in-progress

To the Library

This section is in-progress

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