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Borderlands 3 All Bets Off Walkthrough

All Bets Off Walkthrough

For the last mission go to Spendopticon and talk to Ember near the Welcome turrets.

Make your way to the Blast doors and clear the area of the enemies, take the Ultra-thermite from Ember and place it on blast doors, survive the enemies as door opens, enter the VIP lobby and clear all the enemies.

Defeat Freddy using electric weapons like a shock weapon also take out Pentunia first who uses shields to march towards you just get out of the way and shoot the side.

Take the elevator up and get out of it so start the final boss battle which will be against Jackpot, the vertical laser attacks by Jackpot are easy to avoid also its most weak as its stationary. Jackpot’s blast attacks are where he moves too and shoots wherever you go so stay out of sight.

When Jackpot summons P-Loaders attack it with a rocket launcher, as the Jackpots shields go down use the high fire rate weapon. Stay away as he carries out fire tornado attack by extending its arms.

After the Jackpot’s shield is gone he will become more mobile and aggressive so keep moving. Once defeated try the console to free Timothy, pick up the hand and use the console to end the Borderlands 3 Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot.

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