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Borderlands 3 Bad Reception Walkthrough

Side Mission Not Available? There are several explanations.

1) You’re not far enough in the campaign.

2) It’s a glitch. There will be an exclamation mark on your map indicating the mission giver’s location but sometimes a bug appears that does not present these on your map. In this case, you can use our guide pages to mark your own waypoint for where the quest should be.

Bad Reception Walkthrough

You’ll be able to start this Side Mission pretty early in the game. The mission is given by Claptrap, who can be found near a previously-broken Vending Machine, from the first Side Mission.

For this mission, you’ll need to search five areas, listed in your objectives:

  • Old Laundry
  • Satellite Tower
  • Sid’s Stop
  • Spark’s Cave
  • Old Shack

All five of these areas are marked by Quest Markers on your map, and they’re pretty far out of the way. Luckily, this map isn’t massive, so it won’t take too long to search them all for a new antennae for Claptrap. If you already have a vehicle, it’ll take even less time, but if you’re walking, you’ll be able to find more loot, and gain more EXP from fighting any enemies you encounter.

  1. Let’s start with the closest area: Spark’s Cave. You’ll probably be able to figure this one out by yourself, but I’ll still explain it. Walking into the cave, you’ll find the area electrified. You can’t walk in without getting injured. But, on the far wall, you’ll see a bulls-eye target.
  2. Simply shoot it once, and you’ll shut off the electricity.
  3. From there, you’ll easily be able to walk in and grab the antenna.
  4. Next we have the Satellite Tower. You’ll find several Skags along the way, so watch out!
  5. This is a lot more difficult than the previous area, due to the number of enemies found here. There’s only a couple of human enemies, who aren’t hard to kill (nothing a grenade or two won’t take care of). The challenge comes in the form of the flying enemies, who look like giant mosquitoes, called Varkids.
  6. These mosquito enemies are tough, and will take several sniper shots to kill. Your Action Skills should come in handy when dealing with them.
  7. Once they’re all dead, you’ll be free to climb the Satellite Tower in peace.
  8. When you reach the top, you’ll find a satellite dish, which must be broken in order to claim the antenna.
  9. There’s also a weapon cache on a higher platform; you’ll need to jump over to it. It’s easy to miss, but the weapons may turn out to be useful, so it’s worth checking out!
  10. Third, we have Old Laundry. This one (and the next two) are pretty far away. You’ll need to complete part of the main mission “Cult Following” before heading all the way out here, since there is no other path forward. You’ll need a Vehicle.
  11. Once you have the vehicle, you’ll find a jump, allowing you to cross near Spark’s Cave. Make the jump, and you’ll find yourself near the Old Laundry.
  12. You’ll find a reinforced door built into the ground. Claptrap will tell you to “get real high, and jump crouch” to open it (for some reason the door is immune to missiles, but not jump-crouching!).
  13. Follow Claptrap’s instructions by climbing the nearby ledge, and jump-crouching above the door (just jump, and then press ‘crouch’. Simple as that).
  14. You’ll break through the door, and immediately meet a Bandit. Take them out, and then loot the area. You’ll find several things, including the antenna.
  15. Next up is Sid’s Stop. Drive over to the Quest Marker, and you’ll actually find another Side Quest available: “Under Taker”. Feel free to accept it, for later.
  16. At the small shack you were led to, you’ll find a man in a Bandit mask, named Sid. He’ll be willing to give up his antenna/hat, if you destroy the nearby satellite dishes.
  17. There are three satellite dishes:
    1. On the roof of the shack right next to Sid.
    2. On the hill above Sid’s Stop (follow the power line).
    3. Further up the hill (keep following the power lines!).
  18. Once they’ve all been destroyed (a single shot will do it, but it will be easier with a scope), talk to Sid to claim your prize…after killing him.
  19. Finally, we have the Old Shack. (Nearby, you’ll find a Fast-Travel Station, with Vending Machines and a Catch-A-Ride. You’ll also find yet another Side Quest here: “Skag Dog Days”.)
  20. Inside the Old Shack, you’ll find several enemies. If you get too close, the door will close, so shoot any enemies you can from a distance (the vehicle guns can help out here).
  21. Once you’ve taken care of one or both enemies, run and slide inside before the door closes.
  22. You may have to take care of a Bandit in the back room (who will probably be easier to just melee, in close quarters), but once you’re done, the final antenna will be yours to claim.
  23. With all five antennae, head back to Claptrap and talk to him. You’ll receive your rewards and complete the Side Quest.

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