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Borderlands 3 Best FL4K Build

Best FL4K Build


This is currently likely one of the best builds in the game for not only FL4K but overall. It melts bosses down insanely quick, especially when you are able to track down a couple of key weapons that will push this build over the top. What this build does is allows you to enter Fade Away and completely rip through a boss’ health by spamming them down with high damage hits from your weapon.

Basically, every shot you fire is a critical hit due to your action skill, and then this is increased by Megavore which will crit regardless of if you hit a weak point or not. The constant critical hits mean you will be frequently gaining ammo back into your magazine due to Leave No Trace. Ultimately, you are able to fire as much as you want as fast as you can without ever having to reload in most cases!

While Fade Away will initially not allow you to fire all you want, you can augment that with Guerrillas in the Mist to remove that issue. You further increase your ability to deal damage with Unblinking Eye, which will give you a huge boost to critical hit damage on successive hits.

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This build works best if you can find yourself a King’s or Queen’s Call. These can be found off of the final boss in the game. It is pretty much the same weapon regardless of the name, but what this does is fires an insane amount of bullets extremely fast. Not only that, for every critical hit it will return 3 bullets to your magazine, and also will ricochet 3 bullets at the nearest enemy. The great thing about that is if you’re fighting a boss, it’s likely there isn’t going to be additional enemies so the bullets just go back onto the boss for additional damage! Another common weapon you’ll see used with this build is the Hellwalker Legendary Shotgun. It fires very quickly and you will pretty much never have to reload it if you get in a boss’ face and start firing away.

For more equipment tips, I recommend watching this video:

If you’re leveling up still, you can run a Torgue Shotgun in Sticky mode to generate a similar effect on enemies. You deal some initial damage to the enemy, but once you reload it will completely destroy them due to the explosive pellets that should now be exploding. If you want to level into this build, I do recommend following the guide listed below because it’s not so great leveling using the Fade Away ability. This build comes together towards the end game, you’re better off running Rakk Attack as your action skill.

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