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Borderlands 3 Best Moze Build

Best Moze Build


There’s a lot of Moze builds out there that utilize grenades, but if you want to trash bosses with guns then this is your best bet! The key to this build is that you must have a Deathless Legendary Artifact for Moze. What this does is brings your health down to 1, which synergizes with the rest of the build. I know you read that and got a bit scared, but don’t worry because we’re going to have a huge shield that should protect us from too much harm. You will also want to look for a high Weapon Damage class mod to compliment the build.

For your gun, you will want to have the Lyuda Sniper Rifle. this is extremely powerful and fires a ton of bullets very quickly. It also features a huge additional crit bonus which will have you doing a ton of damage to enemies.

As for the skills, you’ll be going down both the Bottomless Mags and Shield of Retribution trees. Most of the key skills have to do with increasing your Gun Damage when you have high shields or low health. One of those is Armored Infantry which gives you a nice boost of damage when you have a shield active. Further down the Shield of Retribution tree is the key to this build and is called Desperate Measures. This increases your Gun Damage up to 50% depending how low your health is. Your health should be at 1 if you’ve got the Deathless Artifact, so you will have that 50% boost to your Gun Damage all of the time.

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Going down the Bottomless Mags tree will get us the ability to rarely have to reload and allows us to continually be firing over and over. Some key skills here are Redeistribution which regenerates ammo each time we score a critical hit. Scorching RPM’s which increases our Fire Rate and Critical Hit Damage, and Click Click… will help increase your damage as well!

Credit to WillisGaming for the Build.

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