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Borderlands 3 Best Zane Build

Best Zane Build


This build was pretty powerful prior to the buffs to Zane, but will be even stronger now that he has gotten an update in a recent hotfix! If you really want to take this build to the next level, try to find yourself the Ferocious Lyuda Legendary Sniper Rifle. In particular, one that is anointed to Zane and buffs his Cryo damage while SNTNL is active.

Zane gets a significant boost of damage when moving due to the Violent Momentum passive ability. We’ll be taking advantage of this heavily, so you want to make sure you are continually moving around while playing this build. That shouldn’t be too difficult because in most cases you will be always on the move. Another thing we’re looking to do is keep our shields up. We’ve hit the Confidence Competence passive in the Under Cover tree, and this rewards us with additional Gun Damage if we maintain a full shield. You’ll want to look for a shield with a fast recharge rate so we keep the percentage as high as possible.

Another key for keeping our damage up is making sure our action skills are active. We get a buff from the Synchronicity passive, that gives us +40% Gun Damage if we have both of our action skills active. We increase the duration by maxing out Borrowed Time in the Doubled Agent tree. In this same tree we boost our movement speed with Supersonic Man which pairs extremely well with the Violent Momentum passive!

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Credit to DPJ for the Build.

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