Borderlands 3: Brawl Skill Tree

Borderlands 3 skill tree will once again be making an appearance, as well as several past skills so that you can put points into diversifying your character.

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Each of the Vault Hunter Classes will be able to put points into three different Skill Trees, and swap between three different Action Skills after reaching level 3.

While Amara can unlock many different Action Skills and only equip one at a time, The Vault Hunter Zane the Operative is unique in that he is the only character that can equip two Action Skills at a time instead of Grenades, and can augment them multiple times.

Brawl Skill Tree

Starting Action Skill
Phaseslam – Amara leaps into the air and Slams the ground, dealing damage to all nearby enemies and knocking them up. Damage – 141, Cooldown: 26 Seconds.

Skill Name# of RanksDescriptionStats
One With Nature5Gain Max Health and Elemental Damage Resistance to your Action Skill Element.Rank 1 – Max Health +5%, Elemental Damage Reduction +12%
Personal Space3Shots deal Bonus Damage based on distance to target – dealing more damage when close.Rank 1 – up to 11% bonus damage
Clarity5Constantly regenerate health, increasing regeneration the lower your health is. Bonus is doubled after using an Action Skill.Rank 1 – Health Regen up to +1% per second, Duration: 5 seconds
Arms Deal5Deal increased Splash Damage, and take Reduced Splash Damage.Rank 1 – Splash Damage +3%, Splash Damage Reduction +3%
Root to Rise5Gain increased Max HealthRank 1 – Max Health +5%
Helping Hand(s)5After using Action Skill, Amara’s arms remain active and grant Damage Reduction.Rank 1 – Damage Reduction +4%, Duration 8 sec
Blight Tiger (Action Skill Element)Converts Amara’s Action Skill to Corrosive Damage. This does not take effect until after Amara uses her Action Skill.
Fracture (Action Skill)Amara summons a Handful of Fists that erupt from the ground, dealing damage in front of Amara.Damage 124, Cooldown 26 sec
Mindfulness3When taking damage, gain a Stack of Mindfulness. For every Stack, gain improved Shield Regeneration Delay and Movement Speed. Stacks decay quickly.Rank 1 – Movement Speed +1.4%, Shield Regeneration Delay -2.5%, 25 Max Mindfulness Stacks, Duration 5 sec
Find Your Center1Gain increased Melee Damage. After using Action Skill, gain increased Melee Range.Rank 1 – Melee Damage +22%, Melee Range +50%, Duration 8 sec
Vigor3Killing an enemy with an Action Skill grants all allies increased Movement Speed, and can be stacked.Rank 1 – Team Movement Speed +2%, Duration 8 sec
Revelation (Action Skill Augment)Amara’s Action Skill now creates a Nova when it damages enemies, dealing damage to all nearby enemies.Nova Damage 41, Action Skill Damage -15%
Downfall (Action Skill)Amara leaps into the air and shoots an Elemental Beam below her, followed by a Slam.Damage 141, Beam Damage 21 per sec, Cooldown 36 sec
Samsara3When dealing damage to an enemy with Action Skills, adds a Stack of Samsara. Every stack gains increased Gun Damage and Health Regeneration. Stacks decay quickly.Rank 1 – Gun Damage +2% per enemy, Health Regen +1% of Max Health per stack, 25 Max Samsara Stacks, Duration 8 sec
Do Unto Others1Upon taking damage, automatically throw an Energy Orb back at enemy, dealing Action Skill Elemental Damage.Rank 1 – Projectile Damage 17, Cooldown 8 sec
Jab Cross5When dealing melee damage to an enemy, gain increased Action Skill Damage and increased Weapon Damage.Rank 1 – Weapon Damage +10%, Action Skill Damage +11%, Duration 20 sec
Guardian Angel1Upon entering Fight For Your Life, gain immediate Second Wind that restores health, and creates an Action Skill Elemental Nova that knocks back enemies.Rank 1 – Max Health Restored 100% of Max Health, Cooldown 60 sec
Glamour (Action Skill Augment)Enemies damaged by Amara’s Action Skill become confused and attack their allies, but Action Skill Cooldown is increased. If enemies are target of Phasegrasp, nearby enemies become confused.Damage -60%, Confuse Duration 6 sec, Cooldown +20%
Blitz1Press in on Right Stick for Melee Override, dashing a short distance forward to perform a special melee strike dealing Elemental Melee Damage. Cooldown instantly resets if enemy is killed by Blitz.Rank 1 – Cooldown 10 sec

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