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Borderlands 3 Dump on Dumptruck Walkthrough

Side Mission Not Available? There are several explanations.

1) You’re not far enough in the campaign.

2) It’s a glitch. There will be an exclamation mark on your map indicating the mission giver’s location but sometimes a bug appears that does not present these on your map. In this case, you can use our guide pages to mark your own waypoint for where the quest should be.

Dump on Dumptruck Walkthrough

You’ll need to complete the vehicle hijack from Chapter 3 to unlock this Side Mission.

  1. For this Side Mission, you’ll find a single Quest Marker on your map. You’ll need a vehicle, allowing you to drive over a ramp, giving you access to the area.
  2. Keep in mind your Objectives for this mission: you need to Kill the Holy Dumptruck, but as an optional objective, you should also Shoot him in the rear-end. You might as well!
  3. Head out to the area, and you’ll find several enemies. Feel free to shoot the first enemies with the on-board weapons of your vehicle.
  4. Start working your way up the building, looting as you go.
  5. Eventually you’ll reach the top, and you’ll meet the Holy Dumptruck.
  6. Shooting the Holy Dumptruck in the butt is pretty easy, since he likes to turn around and wag it at you. All it takes is a single shot, and you’ll complete the Objective.
  7. After that, killing him is pretty easy. Use your Action Skills, and after a couple of shots he’ll be dead.
  8. Once you’ve killed the Holy Dumptruck, Ellie will ask you to loot his stash. Your Quest Marker will lead you there, but there’s a trick to actually opening the door. If you wait long enough, Ellie will just tell you what to do.
  9. If you follow the yellow electrical cable, you’ll see that it’s broken.
  10. Look up, and you’ll see a bulls-eye target. Shoot it, and water will pour onto the broken cable, completing the circuit.
  11. Head back to the stash, and you’ll find the way forward open.
  12. Drop down, and you’ll find a Red Chest, filled with weapons. There’s also plenty of other loot around too, so don’t forget to search.

With that done, you’ll receive your rewards, and the mission will end.

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