Borderlands 3: Fist of the Elements Skill Tree

Borderlands 3 Skill Trees

Borderlands 3 skill tree will once again be making an appearance, as well as several past skills so that you can put points into diversifying your character.

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Each of the Vault Hunter Classes will be able to put points into three different Skill Trees, and swap between three different Action Skills after reaching level 3.

While Amara can unlock many different Action Skills and only equip one at a time, The Vault Hunter Zane the Operative is unique in that he is the only character that can equip two Action Skills at a time instead of Grenades, and can augment them multiple times.

Fist of the Elements Skill Tree

Action Skill
Phasegrasp – Amara summons a giant fist that bursts from the ground and locks the targeted enemy in place for a few seconds. Enemies immune to being grasped take instant damage instead. Skill Duration – 7 sec, Cooldown – 13 sec, Grasp Immune Damage – 40.

Skill Name# of RanksDescriptionStats
Anima5Elemental Effects deal increased damage over time and increase duration. Action Skill Elemental Effects deal increased damage.Rank 1 – Elemental Effect Damage +2%, Elemental Effect Duration +10%, Action Skill Elemental Effect Damage +6%
Steady Hands3Gain increased Weapon Handling and Accuracy.Rank 1 – Handling +12%, Accuracy +10%
Infusion5Convert a portion of damage dealt by weapons into Action Skill Element.Rank 1 – Converted Damage 4%
Tempest5Deal increased Elemental Damage. Shock Damage is further increased.Rank 1 – Shock Damage +8%, Elemental Damage +4%
Illuminated Fist1Gain increased Melee Damage, and Melee Damage is converted to Action Skill Element.Rank 1 – Melee Damage +28%
Wildfire5Whenever Elemental Effects are applies to an enemy, increases chance to spread to a nearby enemy.Rank 1 – Spread Chance 8%
Soulfire (Action Skill Element)Converts Action Skill to Fire Damage. This does not take effect until after Action Skill is used.
The Eternal Fist (Action Skill)Amara summons a giant fist that bursts into the ground and locks targeted enemy in place. If Grasped enemy is killed, up to 3 new targets can be Grasped as well.Bonus Targets up to +4, Cooldown 23 sec, Grasp Immune Damage 66
Dread1Gun Damage is increased after an enemy is Grasped. If a Grasped Enemy is killed, current weapon is instantly reloaded.Rank 1 – Weapon Damage +10%, Duration 8 sec
Allure (Action Skill Augment)Amara’s Action Skill creates singularities that pull in enemies.Action Skill Damage -25%, Duration 2.5 sec
Indiscriminate3Bullets that damage enemies have a chance to ricochet and deal decreased damage to nearby enemies. Chance and Damage are increased if target is affected by Phasegrasp or Stillness of Mind.Rank 1 – Ricochet Chance 10%, Ricochet Damage -50%, Action Skill Ricochet Chance 20%, Action Skill Ricochet Damage -25%
Deep Well1Gain increased Magazine Size with elemental weapons.Rank 1 – Magazine Size +20%
Catharsis3When Elemental Effect is applied on an enemy that dies, enemy explodes an deals attuned element damage along with any other inflicted elements.Rank 1 – Damage 13, Cooldown 8 sec
Ties That Bind (Action Skill)Amara summons a giant fist that bursts from the ground and locks targeted enemy in place. Enemies near Grasped target are linked, and any damage dealt to a linked target is shared between all links.Link Damage 35% of damage dealt, Cooldown 17 sec, Grasp Immune Damage 80
Fist Over Matter (Action Skill)Amara summons a giant fist that bursts from the ground and locks targeted enemy in place. After Grasping, large fists appear to smash the area, dealing damage to nearby enemies.Damage 21, Cooldown 31 sec, Grasp Immune Damage 93
Sustainment5Gain Life Steal whenever Elemental Damage is dealt with weapon.Rank 1 – Life Steal +4%
Conflux5When Elemental Effect is applied on an enemy, gain chance to randomly Electrocute, Burn, or Melt that enemy.Rank 1 – Extra Effect Chance 7%
Forceful Expression1Guns deal Bonus Elemental Damage based on Action Skill ElementRank 1 – Bonus Elemental Damage 11% of damage dealt

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