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Borderlands 3 FL4K The Beastmaster Solo Builds

FL4K The Beastmaster Solo Builds

The 4 new Vault Hunters: FL4K, Zane, Moze, and Amara all belong to different classes, in previous installments choosing a particular class would mean that you’re foregoing certain abilities that are necessary when playing solo, not anymore!

Each character is given 3 unique abilities that can be augmented with different skill trees. Essentially, you can adopt 3 different play styles for each character.

FL4K – The Beastmaster (The Power of First Aid!)

This particular build is a pretty nifty one, primarily because it pretty much makes sure that you’re almost always in tip-top shape.

With multiple abilities that regenerate health and even increase your max health, you’re pretty much the most unlikely person on the battlefield to get killed.

Alongside that we have the skills of the Master Skill Tree, this provides you and your pet with some much-needed offensive stats.

Increasing Gun Damage and upping your Pet’s attack power, this build creates the perfect soldier, capable of both extreme offense and defense. This is an insanely strong build, you could even call it a tank build.

The best weapon that compliments this would be one that already has high damage, we want it supplemented with these abilities. Perhaps a shotgun would work.


  • Ferocity (3)
  • Persistence Hunter (3)
  • Who Rescued Who (5)
  • Frenzy (5)
  • Psycho Head on a Stick (1)
  • Hive Mind (3)
  • Mutated Defense (1)
  • Pack Tactics (3)
  • Shared Spirit (1)
  • Dominance (1)

Stalker (Gunslinger Jabber)

  • Self-Repairing System (5)
  • All My BFF’s (5)
  • Eager to Impress (3)
  • Lick the Wounds (1)
  • Turn Tail and Run (3)
  • Hidden Machine (3)
  • Rage and Recover (2)

FL4K – The Beastmaster (Like a Hunter in the Night)

This is a Stalker build for FL4K, one that’s designed to simultaneously heal you and raise your attack power!

This is further augmented with the few Master Skills you’ll have equipped; this will give you just that extra bit of edge against your opponent.

I’d recommend getting the Atlas because, with the amount of raised Gun Damage you have with this build, I’d want a weapon that fires as rapidly as possible!

Stalker (Gunslinger Jabber)

  • Self-Repairing System (5)
  • Sic’em (3)
  • Furious Attack (5)
  • Overclocked (5)
  • Lick the Wounds (1)
  • Turn Tail and Run (3)
  • The Fast and the Furryous (3)
  • Hidden Machine (5)
  • The Power Inside (1)
  • Eager to Impress (5)
  • Rage and Recover (5)


  • Persistence Hunter (3)
  • Ferocity (4)

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