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Borderlands 3 Golden Calves Walkthrough

Side Mission Not Available? There are several explanations.

1) You’re not far enough in the campaign.

2) It’s a glitch. There will be an exclamation mark on your map indicating the mission giver’s location but sometimes a bug appears that does not present these on your map. In this case, you can use our guide pages to mark your own waypoint for where the quest should be.

Borderlands 3 Golden Calves Walkthrough

You’ll receive this Side Mission from Vaughn, a little while after rescuing him in Chapter 2.

  1. Starting up this Side Mission, you’ll see that your Quest Marker takes you into the next map; Ascension Bluff. You may as well wait on this one until you’ve completed the other Side Missions in The Droughts. Chapter 3 will take you to Ascension Bluff anyway, so you’ll be there sooner or later.
  2. When you’re ready, head out to Ascension Bluff.
  3. Once there, look at your map, and you’ll see three Quest Markers in the distance.
  4. Snag a car from the Catch-A-Ride Station, and start driving!
  5. When you get there, you should be alerted of the presence of a Typhon Log by Tannis. It will show up on your map if you get close enough, so just explore the immediate area a bit and you’ll find it pretty easily. It’s a rust-colored piece of metal sticking from the ground, with a glowing green ‘T’ on it. Can’t miss it!
  6. Back to the mission, once you reach the area, you’ll find a few Bandits. You can actually ride your vehicle right into the middle of the base, so feel free to ride in and start blowing everything up.
  7. Either way, kill those enemies. Keep in mind that a few more enemies will show up while you search the area.
  8. Once you’re done, run around and collect the three Wanted Posters for Vaughn. You may enjoy his poster, so be sure to zoom in and read it!
  9. When you’ve got all three, Vaughn will give you a new Quest Marker over the ECHO-3, leading you to a nearby area. Head over there, and you’ll find the 3D Printer he sent you for, and a lot of Bandits.
  10. Clear them out.
  11. Send the Wanted Posters through the scanner.
  12. Feel free to admire the statues for a moment, and then head out to three of your six new Quest Markers to destroy/replace statues.
  13. When you’re done, it’s time to head back and talk to Vaughn, to receive your rewards and complete the mission. Don’t forget, you can Fast Travel!
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