Borderlands 3 Good Against Remotes Is One Thing Trophy Guide

Good Against Remotes Is One Thing Trophy Guide

Good Against Remotes Is One Thing
Get a perfect score at the Firing Range on any difficulty.

The Firing Range is found in Sanctuary, your space ship. It’s marked on the map with a duck-icon.

On the left side of the Firing Range are two consoles. One explains the game rules, one starts the targets to appear. For this trophy you must only finish it in Normal Mode (hit 15 Targets in 20 Seconds). If you miss a target you need to let it run out and start over.

Easiest Way to Get this: Do it in Co-Op! Only the person who starts the firing range will get the trophy, but with 4 people the others can stand inside the firing range and shoot the targets from different angles. This makes it a lot easier as all your co-op partners can help shooting the targets. If you have a friend to help out, then don’t bother with it solo.

If you want to do it solo: Wait until after the story when you have some insanely overpowered weapons. Quick-firing shotguns or precise semi-automatic weapons can all work well. With Moze it’s easiest as her green skill tree greatly increases magazine size with a high chance of not consuming ammo every few shots, plus magazines recharging automatically while you shoot. It’s possible with all chars solo but if you have trouble just get a co-op partner to help out.

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