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Borderlands 3 How to Beat Captain Traunt

How to Beat Captain Traunt (Tips & Tricks)

  • Captain Traunt is best defeated at level 15 or higher.
  • Using a shotgun on the orb on Captain Traunts back is the most efficient way to remove his shield.
  • Make use of the arched windows that can be found on the upper ledges around the map, as not only do they provide cover from Traunt’s incoming attacks, they also protect you from other enemies that spawn on the battlefield.

  • While the archways are a great form of cover, don’t rely too heavily on them as they won’t protect every attack. If you do choose to use these archways, please ensure that you don’t stand too close, as Traunt has the ability to fire projectiles that explode on impact, leaving behind a damaging residue. This residue can be fatal if you don’t move in time.

  • Similar to the Heavy Soldiers, Traunt has a weak spot that will allow you to deal critical damage. To find the weak spot, aim for the large orb on his back. If you deal enough damage to the area, you will often find that it slightly confuses him and can often cause him to miss an attack.
  • It is also important to be weary of the large ball that travels around the edge of the area. Getting hit by this ball can be fatal.
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Strategy for Defeating Captain Traunt

There’s no denying that Captain Traunt is one of the more tanky bosses that you will face in Borderlands 3. During your battle with Captain Traunt, you will primarily receive an onslaught of fire, ice, and acid elemental attacks that can reach both medium and long distances.

This Heavy Soldier style Maliwan boss not only has a lot of health, but he also has one extremely tough shield that you must first bring down. This will be the trickiest part of the fight and we highly recommend that are at least level 13 before you take him on, otherwise the battle is going to be rather painful.

Before we begin though, it’s very important to point out that you need to always be attacking him, as we do not want his shield to recover once it has been taken down.

Now, there are two ways to take down Captain Traunt. The first method is to run and gun, but we wouldn’t recommend this for those that are below level 15 and do not have a decent Shotgun or Assault Rifle.

If you happen to have these requirements, you are going to want to stand within Shotgun range of Traunt. The idea of this plan is to stay behind him at all times and fire off as much damage to the large orb on his back as possible with the Shotgun. This is the most efficient way to drop his shield in a short period of time. When his shield is down, use your special ability to deal as much damage to him as possible – Moze’s Ironbear is often considered one of the best characters for those playing solo.

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Borderlands 3 How to Beat Captain Traunt

The second option is to be more conservative and to use the cover provided by the archways around the edge of the map. As mentioned in the Tips and Tricks above, these archways are not perfect, so do expect to take some damage while hiding in these positions. If you are planning on using the outer edges of the map, always keep an eye on the large ball that rolls around the outer edge, as getting hit by it can often be fatal.

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