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Borderlands 3 How to Duplicate Legendary Weapons & Guns

How to Duplicate Legendary Weapons & Guns

You can duplicate any weapons (including legendary weapons) while playing Borderlands 3 multiplayer on PC. This lets you give a weapon to a friend while still keeping it for yourself. Below are the steps you need to follow.

When doing this be careful to always COPY your save files. Do not move the files.

  1. The person giving the weapon away needs to copy their save file. Go to where the save file is located and copy and paste it anywhere else. Here’s where it’s located: Documents > My Games > Borderlands 3 > Saved > SaveGames > Folder > 1.sav. Copy and paste this file anywhere else.
  2. Get into a game with a friend. Make sure the person hosting the game is the one who wants the weapon.
  3. Drop the weapon on the ground. Have your friend pick it up.
  4. Close the game.
  5. Paste your old save file back into the folder where your save is located. This lets you overwrite your latest save (where you gave the weapon away) with your old save (where you still had the weapon).
  6. Now you should have your cool/favorite weapon or legendary weapon and your friend will have it too. Feel free to join their game again now that both of you have the weapon or repeat these steps to copy even more!
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