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Borderlands 3 Maliwannabees Walkthrough

Maliwannabees Walkthrough

You’ll find this Side Misison just after entering the base with Lorelei, by talking to a girl named Ziff.

  1. First, head out to your Quest Marker. It’s in an area you’ve already passed through, so it’s easy to reach.
  2. After a bit, you’ll get a new Quest Marker, leading you to an area nearby, where a destroyed vehicle is waiting for you.
  3. After some more dialogue, you’ll get another Quest Marker, with the Objective of killing one of the idiots. Head out and you’ll find a tower thing with an elevator to use, and with several Bandits to deal with.
  4. You’ll also find a Typhon Log here. Look on your map and be careful not to fall!
  5. The Bandits will be tough, but they’ll drop a lot of loot. I even got some Legendary weapons here!
  6. Pick one of the two and kill them. It doesn’t matter which.
  7. Loot the area, and then start on your way back to Ziff. On your way, she’ll change her mind and ask you to go back and kill the other one, just in case.
  8. Turn around and climb back up to the remaining trooper.
  9. Kill him. It will be a lot easier this time, since you’ve already cleared out his friends.
  10. When you’re done, head back to Ziff and talk to her. You’ll receive your reward, and complete the mission.

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