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Borderlands 3 Skag Dog Days Walkthrough

Side Mission Not Available? There are several explanations.

1) You’re not far enough in the campaign.

2) It’s a glitch. There will be an exclamation mark on your map indicating the mission giver’s location but sometimes a bug appears that does not present these on your map. In this case, you can use our guide pages to mark your own waypoint for where the quest should be.

Borderlands 3 Skag Dog Days Walkthrough

You’ll find this Side Mission near the Old Shack from the Side Mission ‘Bad Reception’.

  1. Starting up this Side Mission, you’ll find your Quest Marker a fair distance away from the main area of The Droughts. Hop into your vehicle and ride out, and you’ll eventually reach a wall you can’t pass through with your vehicle (I tried).
  2. Here, you’ll find a lot of Varkids, the mosquito enemies you may remember fighting earlier. They’re a real pain to fight, and it would be wise to take your time while working through this area.
  3. Once you make it near the Quest Marker, you’ll meet a giant blue Frigid Badass Varkid. This thing has ice powers, and will do a lot of damage if you get hit.
  4. Make the most of your abilities and grenades, and feel free to retreat to find more health, if you need it. The nice thing about the Frigid Varkid is that it mostly stays in one place. It won’t follow you around the corner, so you can hide and allow your Action Skills to recharge, if necessary.
  5. Once you’ve taken down the Frigid Varkid, loot the area. You’ll find plenty of stuff, and a ‘Care Package‘. Take it, and you’ll receive a new Objective to harvest some cacti. You’ll get a new Quest Marker for it too.
  6. Head out to the new Quest Marker, and you’ll find several large Succulent Skags.
  7. These things will chase you, so you can either fight them where you are, or retreat to your vehicle and shoot them using the missile launcher. It’s up to you!
  8. You’ll need to collect five Succulent Skag Meat, and five Cactus Fruit. This means you need to kill five Succulent Skags, and destroy five cacti. You’ll end up killing far more than just five Succulent Skags here, so there’s nothing to worry about on that front.
  9. Meanwhile, the cacti are immune to bullets and melee damage. You can blow them up with missiles from your vehicle, or with grenades. These can be the easiest ways to collect the Cactus Fruit.
  10. Once you’ve gotten everything you need, you’ll need to fight the Succulent Alpha Skag. You’ll find him in a cave, just follow the Quest Marker.
  11. It would be wise to make sure you have the best weapons equipped here, just to be safe. The Succulent Alpha Skag isn’t much tougher than a regular Succulent Skag, but still, it’s best to be prepared.
  12. After your throwdown, you’ll be able to loot the Succulent Alpha Skag Meat for the Chef. Take it and you’ll receive yet another Objective.
  13. Your new Objective will give you another Quest Marker and a task to kill MincemeatTrufflemunch, and Buttmunch.
  14. Mincemeat is a rival chef, and he’ll come running out at you before long. He’s tough, so try to isolate him while fighting him, so you don’t need to worry about several enemies at once.
  15. Trufflemunch and Buttmunch are both Skags. They’re not too difficult to defeat, but won’t go down without a fight. Try to fight them one at a time, if possible, and feel free to lead them back to your vehicle.
  16. After defeating them, you’ll need to collect Skag Meat from both of them.
  17. At this point, several Bandits will appear, making things more difficult. Feel free to clear them out and loot the area, you might find some decent stuff.
  18. Once you’ve claimed the two pieces of Skag Meat, you’ll finally be able to go drop everything off, completing the mission. The drop-off point isn’t very far away, so head over and dump it in the cardboard box marked by your Quest Marker.

With that, you’ll receive your rewards, and the mission will officially complete. Nice job!

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