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Borderlands 3 Stick It To ‘Em Trophy Guide

Stick It To ‘Em Trophy Guide

Stick It To ‘Em
Kill two or more enemies with a single sticky grenade.

First you need to get a Sticky Grenade mod. While these can drop randomly from enemies, a much more reliable way is to simply buy them from an “Ammo Dump” vending machine (green vending machines). Make sure the grenade mod has the word “Sticky” either in its name or under the damage/radius stats. If no such grenade is available, check back after a few minutes as the inventory is constantly changing.

Now the easiest way to kill two enemies is to head to Pandora, The Droughts. Round up some Level 1 Skags (found near fast travel station) and when a bunch are close together throw the sticky at them. It must kill both enemies simultaneously. You can also damage the enemies with other weapons beforehand to ensure the grenade will kill both at once.

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