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Borderlands 3: Under Cover Skill Tree

Borderlands 3 skill tree will once again be making an appearance, as well as several past skills so that you can put points into diversifying your character.

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Each of the Vault Hunter Classes will be able to put points into three different Skill Trees, and swap between three different Action Skills after reaching level 3.

While Amara can unlock many different Action Skills and only equip one at a time, The Vault Hunter Zane the Operative is unique in that he is the only character that can equip two Action Skills at a time instead of Grenades, and can augment them multiple times.

Under Cover Skill Tree

Action Skill
Barrier – Drop a deployable Barrier that blocks incoming projectiles. Zane and his allies can shoot through the Barrier, dealing increased Gun Damage. Pressing LB or RB (L1/R1) while the Barrier is active picks up and holds the Barrier, decreasing the size and bonus effects. Duration – 9 sec, Cooldown – 18 sec, Damage Amp +20%.

Skill Name # of Ranks Description Stats
Adrenaline 5 Gain increased Action Skill Cooldown Rate. Bonus is based on the amount of shield, with a bigger bonus the fuller the shield. Rank 1 – Action Skill Cooldown Rate – Up to +4%
Hearty Stock 3 Gain increased Maximum Shield Capacity. Rank 1 – Max Shield +6%
Ready for Action 5 Gain improved Shield Recharge Rate and Shield Recharge Delay. Rank 1 – Shield Recharge Rate +6%, Shield Recharge Delay -8%
Charged Relay (Action Skill Augment) Whenever Zane or an ally touches the Barrier, they gain increased Movement Speed and Fire Rate. Fire Rate +13%, Movement Speed +11%, Duration 8 sec after moving away from barrier
Brainfreeze 5 Chance to slow enemies when a Critical Hit is scored against them. Rank 1 – Slow Chance 2.5%
Stiff Upper Lip 3 Gain Damage Resistance against the type of damage dealt to Zane. Rank 1 – Damage Resistance +5%
Rise to the Occasion 5 Gain Health Regeneration. The lower Zane’s shield, the higher the bonus, but does not gain any health regen when shields are full. Rank 1 – Health Regeneration up to +1% of Max Health
Nanites or Some Shite (Action Skill Augment) When near the barrier, Zane and allies gain increased Health Regeneration, Reload Speed, and improved Shield Recharge Delay. More Health regenerated the lower health is. Health Regeneration up to 4% of Max Health, Shield Recharge Delay -33%, Reload Speed +11%
Confident Competence 1 Gain increased Gun Damage and Accuracy while shields are active. Bonus based on the greater amount of shield active. Rank 1 – Gun Damage up to +10%, Accuracy up to +22%
All-rounder (Action Skill Augment) Zane’s Barrier becomes a dome, covering all sides. Cooldown +20%
Redistribution (Action Skill Augment) Zane and allies near the Barrier gain increased Gun Damage for a few seconds after the Barrier takes damage. Gun Damage +9%, Duration 3 sec
Really Expensive Jacket 1 Elemental damage over time effects applied to Zane have reduced duration. Rank 1 – Elemental Effect Duration -50%
Best Served Cold 5 Kill Skill. Creates a Cryo Nova whenever an enemy is killed, dealing damage to all nearby enemies. Rank 1 – Damage 3, Cooldown 3 sec
Futility Belt 1 Kill Skill. Gain resistance to non-elemental damage. All elemental damage converted to non-elemental damage after killing an enemy. Rank 1 – Damage Reduction +22%, Duration 8 sec
Deterrence Field (Action Skill Augment) Enemies that touch the Barrier take Shock Damage and are Staggered. Shock Damage 18
Refreshment 3 Gain some damage dealt back as health when attacking a frozen enemy. Rank 1 – Life Steal 8% of damage dealt
Calm, Cool, Collected 1 When Zane freezes an enemy, his shields instantly begin recharging. If shields are full, health regenerates. If health is full, Action Skill Cooldowns and Durations are immediately reset. Rank 1 – Health Regeneration up to 4% max health, Regeneration Duration 3 sec
Nerves of Steel 3 Gain increases Accuracy and Handling. Bigger bonus the longer shield is at full. Rank 1 – Accuracy +2% per sec, Handling +2.5% per sec, 99 Max Stacks
Distributed Denial 1 Zane’s Barrier gains the effects of equipped Shield Mod. Shield effects are applies to all allies near the barrier, Bonuses to Zane are reduced.
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