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Borderlands 3 Under Taker Walkthrough

Side Mission Not Available? There are several explanations.

1) You’re not far enough in the campaign.

2) It’s a glitch. There will be an exclamation mark on your map indicating the mission giver’s location but sometimes a bug appears that does not present these on your map. In this case, you can use our guide pages to mark your own waypoint for where the quest should be.

Borderlands 3 Under Taker Walkthrough

You’ll find this Side Mission near Sid’s Stopfrom the Side Mission ‘Bad Reception’.

  1. Once this Side Mission has been selected, you’ll find your Quest Marker directing you to an area near the Map Transition between The Droughts and Ascension Bluff. Because of this, it may be a good idea to save this Side Mission for last in this area, so that you can just leave to Ascension Bluff when you’re done.
  2. This mission can actually be extremely easy. You can ride your vehicle right up to the gate (you can’t drive it inside, but you don’t need to), and then just sit there and shoot bullets and missiles at any enemy you see.
  3. Eventually, even the Under Taker (the enemy you’re supposed to kill) will come running out too, and you can shoot him just as easily as his friends. You might even kill him by accident. I sure did. But that’s my personal choice, since I enjoy the vehicle and it’s weapons.
  4. If you want to go in guns blazing, go right ahead! Just watch out for the enemies on the platforms above. There will be several up there, trying to snipe you.
  5. With that done, head in and claim your loot. Even after completing the Side Mission, several enemies will continue to exit the building, so keep your finger on that trigger.
  6. Gather up everything you can, and make sure to sell off the useless stuff as soon as possible!
  7. Once you’re done, you may as well head out to Ascension Bluff, to complete your other Missions and Side Missions.
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