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Borderlands 3 Winners and Losers Walkthrough

Winners and Losers Walkthrough

The third mission starts with using the information Kiosk then taking the ticket followed by using the terminal to use the subway then continue through the lotto gotto to the strip! Pull the lever to get access to Impound Deluxe and press the button next to the door.

Talk to the bot found upstairs at Client services area, ring the bell for Data requisition and get the form after talking to the bot, call the client services, take down the Bureaucracy bot which will also make the Bouncer bots hostile even though killing them is not mandatory and open the doors.

Continue down the hallway upon reaching the door take the number from the customer 1345 and defeat him when he attacks, press the button on the door and the button next to the bureaucracy bot, run inside the impound dock and access different impound docks then make your way to Beggar’s Beth for which you will have to look for 2 open panels.

Follow the marker through the slums and defeat the Constructor whose weak point is its eye which will stop him from the process even though defeating the Surveyors must be a priority when they are idle, talk to Freddie and follow him.

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