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Borderlands GOTY Enhanced: All Mission Guide

All Missions

There are 216 missions total in Base and all DLCs.
+ are side missions.
Hidden missions are highlighted in bold text if you haven’t find it.

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Arid Badlands:
Fresh Off The Bus
The Doctor Is In
Claptrap Rescue
Skags At The Gate
Fix’er Upper
Blinding Nine-Toes
Nine-Toes: Meet T.K. Baha
Nine-Toes: T.K.’s Food
Got Grenades?
Nine-Toes: Take Him Down
Nine-Toes: Time To Collect
Job Hunting
+T.K. Has More Work
Why Are They Here? – ECHO recorder on a bench near the start of Skag Gully after “T.K. Has More Work” is complete
+T.K.’s Life And Limb
+By The Seeds Of Your Pants
Bone Head’s Theft
+Get A Little Blood On The Tires
The♥♥♥♥♥♥Wash Hurdle
+Hidden Journal: The Arid Badlands
+Claptrap Rescue: The Lost Cave
+Shock Crystal Harvest
Return To Zed
Sledge: Meet Shep
+Braking Wind
+Get The Flock Outta Here
Sledge: The Mine Key
+Scavenger: Sniper Rifle
+The Legend Of Moe and Marley
+Circle Of Death: Meat And Greet
+Circle Of Death: Round 1
+Circle Of Death: Round 2
+Circle Of Death: Final Round
Sledge: To The Safe House
+Claptrap Rescue: Safe House
+Scavenger: Combat Rifle
+What Hit The Fan
Sledge: Battle For The Badlands
+Find Bruce McClane
+Product Recall
+Insult To Injury
+Schemin’ That Sabotage
Leaving Fyrestone

The Dahl Headlands:
+Big Game Hunter
Getting Lucky
Powering The Fast Travel Network
+Scavenger: Revolver
+Fuel Feud
+Death Race Pandora
+Ghosts of the Vault
+Well There’s Your Problem Right There
Road Warriors: Hot Shots
Road Warriors: Bandit Apocalypse

New Haven:
Power To The People
+Claptrap Rescue: New Haven
+King Tossing
+Corrosive Crystal Harvest
+Claptrap Rescue: Tetanus Warren
+Like A Moth To Flame
+Is T.K. O.K.?
Seek Out Tannis
+Scooter’s Used Car Parts
+Up To Our Ears
+Firepower: All Sales Are Final
+Firepower: Market Correction
+Firepower: Plight Of The Middle Man
+Jack’s Other Eye
+Scavenger: Submachine Gun
+Hidden Journal: Rust Commons West
+Missing Persons
+Two Wrongs Make A Right
+Middle Of Nowhere No More: Investigate
+Relight The Beacons
+Smoke Signals: Investigate Old Haven
+Dumpster Diving For Great Justice
Jaynistown: Getting What’s Coming To You
+Wanted: Fresh Fish
+I’ve Got A Sinking Feeling…
Jaynistown: Unintended Consequences
Jaynistown: Cleaning Up Your Mess

Rust Commons West:
Meet ‘Crazy’ Earl
+Circle Of Slaughter: Meat and Greet
+Circle Of Slaughter: Round 1
+Circle Of Slaughter: Round 2
+Circle Of Slaughter: Final Round
Jaynistown: Secret Rendezvous
Not Without My Claptrap

Rust Commons East:
+Middle Of Nowhere No More: Fuses? Really?
+Middle Of Nowhere No More: Small Favor
+Middle Of Nowhere No More: Scoot On Back
+Altar Ego: Burning Heresy
+Scavenger: Shotgun
+Hidden Journal: Rust Commons East
+A Bug Problem
+Altar Ego: The New Religion
+Altar Ego: Godless Monsters
Green Thumb – In a large broken pipe with a giant sunflower near the second bridge
Jaynistown: A Brother’s Love
Jaynistown: Spread The Word
+Bait And Switch
+House Hunting
Another Piece Of The Puzzle
+Scavenger: Machine Gun

Earl’s Scrapyard:
Get Off My Lawn!
+Today’s Lesson: High Explosives
+Claptrap Rescue: Scrapyard
Hair Of The Dog
The Next Piece
+Earl Needs Food…Badly
+Earl’s Best Friend

Krom’s Canyon:
+Claptrap Rescue: Krom’s Canyon

Old Haven:
+Smoke Signals: Shut Them Down
Bandit Treasure: Three Corpses, Three Keys – Near a bunch of dead bandits at the start of Old Haven
Bandit Treasure: X Marks the Spot – Previously the mission, Bandit Treasure: Three Corpses, Three Keys
+Claptrap Rescue: Old Haven

Trash Coast:
+Claptrap Rescue: Trash Coast

Salt Flats:
+Claptrap Rescue: The Salt Flats
The Final Piece

Crimson Fastness:
+Claptrap Rescue: Crimson Fastness
Get Some Answers
Find The Echo Command Console
Reactivate the ECHO Comm System
Find Steele
Destroy The Destroyer
Bring The Vault Key To Tannis

The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned

Jakobs Cove:
Welcoming Committee
Is The Doctor In?
+Eggcellent Opportunity!
+Missing: Hank Reiss
House of the Ned
+Leave It To The Professionals
+Here We Go Again
+It’s Alive
+The Pack
Secrets and Mysteries
A Bridge Too Ned

Hallow’s End:
There May Be Some Side Effects…
TK Lives! – In the southwestern area

Dead Haven:
Jakobs Fodder
Hitching A Ride

Lumber Yard:
Night of the Living Ned
+Claptrap Rescue: The Lumber Yard
Ned’s undead, baby, Ned’s undead

Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot

The Underdome:
Prove Yourself.

All Missions Part #2

The Secret Armory of General Knoxx

T-Bone Junction:
Scooter? But I Don’t Even Know Her.
+Big Crimson Brother is Watching
+Wanted: Dead!
Boost the Monster
+Core Collection
You’ve Got Moxxi: Roadblock
+Road Rage
+Power Leech
+This ♥♥♥♥♥ is Payback
Code Breaker: Analysis
+Drifter Lifter
+Knoxxed Out
+This ♥♥♥♥♥ is Payback, pt. 2
Bridging the Gap
+You. Will. Die.
+Mop Up
+Super-Marcus Sweep
+Local Trouble
+It’s Like Christmas!
+Circle of Duty: New Recruit

The Crimson Tollway:
You’ve Got Moxxi: Moxxi’s Red Light

Deep Fathoms:
Armory Assault

Moxxi’s Red Light
Prison Break: Road Warrior
+Thrown for a Loop
+Stain Removal

The Ridgeway:
Prison Break: Over the Wall
Code Breaker: Time is Bullets

Sunken Sea:
Prison Break: Try Not to Get Shanked
Athena Set Up Us The Bomb
Purple Juice! – In a shack under a Hyperion billboard
Little People, Big Experiments – Previously the mission, Purple Juice!

Lockdown Palace:
+Claptrap Rescue: Lockdown Palace

Circle of Duty:
+Circle of Duty: Cadet
+Circle of Duty: Private
+Circle of Duty: Corporal
+Circle of Duty: Sergeant
+Circle of Duty: Medal of Duty

Road’s End:
Lost Lewts – Red chest in a small shack in a cave arena

Crimson Armory:
Loot Larceny

Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution

Tartarus Station:
Are You From These Parts?
+Fight For Your Right To Part-E
+Parts Is Parts
+We All Have Our Part To Play
+A Part Of Something Larger Than Yourself
New Contact
+Like Shootin’ Rakk in a Barrel
+Spa Vs. Spa
+Burnin’ Rubber
Operation Trap Claptrap Trap, Phase One
+It’s a Trap… Clap
+Finger Lickin’ Bad!
Operation Trap Claptrap Trap, Phase Two: Industrial Revolution
+Taking Stock
Operation Trap Claptrap Trap, Phase Three: TripWIRED
+Not My Fault
+Old Spicy
+Eleven Rakk And Spices
Operation Trap Claptrap Trap, Phase Four: Reboot
Helping is its own reward… Wait No it isn’t!

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