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Brawlhalla How to Play Axe

Brawlhalla How to Play Axe

How to play axe. Covering all the possible strings/followups and other important tips. Make sure to go through it you wanna main axe.


I have been playing axe for a long time and i am specialized in axe. I will cover this guide deeply so make sure to check out all the sections.

  1. True Combos
  2. Strings
  3. Basic Dodge Reads
  4. Neutral
  5. Axe Legends Overview
  6. Tips

True Combos

  • Slight > Jump > Nair (Work at all dmgs)
  • Slight > Dlight (Works till orange)
  • Slight > Sair (Best used as a kill option)


  • 1. Dair Dlight (Works till orange) 1 Dodge frame
  • 2. Dair Sair (Works at kill percentage)
  • 3. Slight Jump Nair Jump Sair (Works at all damages)
  • 4. Nlight CD Slight Nair (Low Damage)
  • 5. Nlight CD Dlight Nair/Sair (If you expect them to jump after Nlight)
  • 6. Slight Nair Recovery

Basic Dodge Reads

  • 1. Slight Nair READ GC Dlight (Catches Dodge Up and out)
  • 2. Slight Nair READ GC Slight Nair (Down dodge read)
  • 3. Slight Nair GP (Catches Almost all the dodges + dodgeins) (Useable till 70 dmg)
  • 4. Slight Nair READ recovery/ jump Sair (Catches Jumps and dodge Ups)
  • 5. Slight Nair GC (Nsig or any other sig that catches Spot dodges)
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  • 1. Catch their jumps w Dlight
  • 2. Make Sure You dont throw out Random slights because its very punishable
  • 3. Do Not Over Extend Your string.
  • 4. Spacing for slight is Important
  • 5. Wake up using Dair or GC Nlight
  • 6. Make Sure you dont give them stage control by floating a lot.

Axe Legends Overview

  • 1. Barraza (Super good, Good stats, Good sigs) Watch Cody travis to learn Barraza
  • 2. Brynn (Super good, Very good Stats, Good sigs) Watch Zexis Gaming to learn Brynn
  • 3. Jhala (Super good, good stats low defence, good sigs) Watch Pugsy to learn Jhala
  • 4. Azoth (Super good, Very Good stats, Extremely Good Sigs) No specific person but watch remmy, boomie to learn bow
  • 5. Xull (Good, Okayish Stats, Okayish Sigs) Watch sandstorm
  • 6. Volkov (Very good, Meh stats, Very good sigs) Watch sandstorm to mainly learn scythe
  • 7. Teros (Good, Okay Stats, Good sigs) No one specific but watch probrawlhalla on twitch. Most of the people use teros
  • 8. Ulgrim (Good, Okay stats, Good sigs) Watch Cosolix
  • 7. Ragnir (Good, Good stats, Good sigs) Watch STTP Wilson or Wrenchd (To learn katars)
  • 8. Rayman ( Super good, Super good stats, Very good sigs ) Watch sandstorm to learn gauntlets
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  • 1. Juggle your opponent with nairs as much as you can
  • 2. Practice Dash Jump Nairs/ Reverse Nairs
  • 4. Slight Nair is your main combo
  • 5. Sair is your best kill option
  • 6. Search for gimps because Dair and Gp on axe is really good
  • 7. Do not overextended
  • 8. Edge guard w Nlight to catch jumps off the ledge. Slight to catch recovery
  • 9. If they are playing floaty, Search for Dairs and punish them
  • 10. Dont let your opponent get to close to you. Use Dlight, Nlight to keep them away.
  • 11. If a player is playing you at a point blank range. Dlight is your best option.
  • 12. Practice eggdrops ( Throw weapon down, Pickup, Dair ) Insane for edge guarding
  • 13. Sair off the wall if youre being edge guarded
  • 14. Searching for sair to kill can be difficult sometimes so keep building up damage instead of getting punished for sairs and eventually your dlight, nlight will be able to kill.
  • 15. Look for Falling sairs a lot. It has insane force to it.
  • 16. Naming a few pro players for specific weapons

  • Katars – wrenchd
  • Lance – Cosolix
  • Axe – Zexis Gaming
  • Orb – Boomie Sandstorm Tiger
  • Gaunts – Sandstorm, Phazon
  • Spear – Stingray, ethan, Crockie
  • Scythe – Sandstorm, Ethan, Atrophius
  • Bow – Remmy Boomie
  • Blasters – Boomie, Cody travis
  • Sword – Noel, Phazon, Ethan, Wrenchd, iMLLama
  • Cannon – Sandstorm
  • Hammer – Lil capped, Kylar alice, Boomie, Simple
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Hopefully I didnt miss out on anything. Axe is a really easy and good weapon to learn.

Written by Yurei

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  1. Love the guide, thanks for the information! It makes it a lot easier to learn what to do when I can read the strings instead of watching a video.


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