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Brawlhalla – Some Easy Ways How to Counter Spamming

Hello everyone. Today i will be talking about some easy way to counter spammers.

1. Sig spammers (most of them)

The thing you wanna do against sig spammers is that you wanna punish them for using a sig. So lets say you are playing a map with a flat platform. Try to be much in the air or to be on the walls. Sig spammers tend to panic alot when it comes to edge-garding so if they go to the edge punish them because of panic jumps/recovers and you are honestly good to go. But lets say that does not work. Then if he just keeps spamming sigs and sigs all the time just abuse the dash and run away then punish him with a sig if he gets punished for the sig but even better just a simple light attack would do the trick.

2. Presses all buttons and hope for the best.

Honestly if you come up against a guy like this it shouldnt be that hard to punish him for what he is doing. Its pretty easy to read.

3. Maps with platforms

You have advantage here, take advantage of the platforms and stand on top of them to just drop down to punish him when he does a sig. Also try to fake a drop down as they usually will use a sig then and will be pretty easy to punish.

4. Lance users and scythe users?

I understand that you call Lance a spam weapon but its really not that easy to play if you wanna learn all the combos and strings for it. And scythe users is NOT by any chance spammers. (unless ofcourse they only use sigs) When i play with my friend hes pretty good with the scythe but that thing is not easy to play. I have tried learning myself it a little bit but i guess not just enough. Anywho. Lance and Schythe users is usually not spammers (unless a lord vraxx main like me 😉 and so on. You can keep calling every weapon a spam weapon a weapon but thats your opinion.

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