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Brawlhalla – The Throwing Guide

This guide will teach you how to become a master at throwing.

Throwing Skills

Okay. There are 3 steps that you need to know to do a good throw.

1. Consider what the item actually does.
I know it sounds stupid, but I have to say it. Does it bounce? Can it explode? Can it stick to walls?

2. Think about when you are going to throw it, and who or what you are aiming for.
Knowing this is the most important part. Does your target stand still or move? It decides where you are going to start the throwing sequence.

3. Think about the distance between you and the target.
This step makes you think about how much charging power you need to hit the target.

Now I will teach you how I like to set up a throw.
First, get a throwing item. Throwing Lum Horns isn’t a good idea. Sure they do a small amount of damage, but your enemy can use it against you and call upon their sidekick. Then, jump off the edge and get some height. Save a few jumps for later. Then, charge up your item while falling through the air, and release when you are ready. Now just use your jumps, recovery attacks, or sidesteps to get back up to the platform.

This is a great strategy for straight shot throws, not really for trick shots in small spaces or angles.

So why not just throw from 2 inches away and skip this risky garbage? You can, but everyone will see it coming. The main purpose of this guide is to teach you how to throw an unexpected way. If you git gud with the knowledge in this guide, you will pretty much be able to Buddy the elf people with a snowball every time. After you read this guide, your friends will probably turn items off.

Item Uses in the Art of Throwing

The spike ball is a powerful throwing item that is teammate friendly. Sometimes.
I would use these to seal the envelope when your target has a damage gauge of red-orange or darker. Just punch’em around a bit before use. It is also highly mobile, so it’s good in wall bounce trick shots. They are reusable, so they are really annoying for other people.

The bomb is, well, an explosive. These are also good in trick shots, or meteor smashes if you want to steal an Alex kill. However, they can run out of fuse and be easily caught. They are good for breaking up mobs of people, and because of it’s speed and bounciness, it is easy to hit with.

The drill mine is a unique bomb that can drill into the ground, ceiling, or walls. That means it can’t be used in trick shots though. It is very good in countering “spiders”. A spider is just a nickname I’ve given to people who live on walls. They do it to try and meteor smash people who try to get them. Since it doesn’t bounce, it requires more charge power to hit with. It is also a good combo setup. You can hit somebody into the spot it is stuck to, and they will ricochet off of the mine, causing more damage. This can also be used to steal kills.

This is the end of the guide. Just practice what you have learned, and you will be a better thrower later.

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