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Breathedge Tips and Tricks

In this guide you’ll find links to all of the tips & tricks videos I have made for Breathedge, including how to increase your oxygen capacity to 100, where to find the secret stash in the game and also a video showing you exactly what you need to do to complete the first chapter. I hope this guide helps you!

How to get your oxygen capacity to 75!

Here’s the first of the videos. When you’re out and about with only 50 oxygen it can get annoying having to keep going back to your shuttle, this video will show you what to do to increase your oxygen capacity to 75.

How to increase your movement speed!

Here’s the 2nd video. 12m/s isn’t too bad but when you’re in space and oxygen is scarce you’re going to want to move quicker to make the most of your time exploring what the world has to offer so this video will show you how to find the accelerator which will enable your shift ability when you’re away from the shuttle and will increase your speed
to 20m/s.

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How to get the Scanner!

Video number 3. One of the simplest things to find in this game but also one of the hardest at the same time is the scanner, this video will show you exactly what to do to find the scanner on Breathedge.

How to get extra storage!

4th on the list, extra storage. When you’re out in space collecting ice and nutrition goo to have enough food and water to survive you’re going to need all the storage you can get so this video will show you exactly where to go to get the suitcase which gives you the same amount of storage slots as the starting container in your shuttle and you can also craft them if you need even more storage.

How to complete chapter 1!

Number 5, how to complete chapter 1. This video will show you exactly what you need to do in order to complete the first chapter of this game, there’s probably about 2 hours worth of gameplay but it will take even longer if you don’t know the best way to do it so here it is.

The secret stash with lots of goodies!

Video number 6 in this guide is showing you where the secret stash is that contains all the goodies you’re probably searching for. Do you need more oxygen candles? Light bulbs? Condoms? If you answered yes to any of them materials, this video should help you out.

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How to get 100 oxygen!

Video number 7. 50 oxygen is not enough for you to explore what the game has to offer, 75 is a little bit better but will still see you dying from asphyxiation if you’re not careful. This video will show you how to get the double oxygen balloon blueprint so you can craft the oxygen balloon that gives you a capacity of 100 oxygen.

I hope this guide helps you!

Written by Billitha

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