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Buriedbornes Dungeon RPG – Guide to Basics

Hi, this is a guide on Buriedbornes and will cover enough of the basics to hopefully get you started

“It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.”

Buriedbornes Basics

No not this sword. Its too good for you. I meant this guide.

New Character

When you Create New Character, you will get to choose between a variety of different Jobs each with their own strengths/weaknesses. You may select Statistics Details to view more information regarding each Job. Starring a Job Favorites it and puts it on the top of the list for next time you start a new run.

Jobs will usually scale off one or more of 5 different stats:

  • Strength – red colored STR, usually means brute force or physical power
  • Dexterity – green colored DEX, based on speed, technical skills or involving tools
  • Intellect – blue colored INT, which involves magic spells and incantations
  • Piety – yellow colored PIE , revolves around demonic/godly/religious/otherworldly powers
  • Power – purple colored, which is the previous 4 stats combined

After you’ve chosen a class, select a dungeon you would like to challenge via Destination.
It is recommended to choose a place where you have Missions in order to get more rewards.
If you are new, it is recommended to start at the Labyrinth.

Buriedbornes Basics

Each run you are allowed to bring the following:

  • Contract– An Item which has one or more passive skills on it
    (Boss Bonus is a nice choice to earn more Soulstones as well as experience after beating bosses to help your current run)
  • Amulet– Usually an activeskill
  • Taking Item– Usually a choice between:
    1) An activeconsumable item which takes a skill slot and has a green number indicating the number of uses left on it
    2) An activereusablecamp item that you use outside of room battles with a cool down
    (Lucky Coin is a nice item to bring that will increase your luck and odds of finding better equipment, positive events and powerful skills)
  • Bonus– Usually a bonus passive from the Bonus Chest (or watching an Advertisement) in Town

Dungeons Part 1 – Exploration

Buriedbornes Basics

When Stanley came to a set of two open doors…
On your left and right you’ll see two rooms up ahead and further ahead of those paths are 2 more rooms each,
but lets worry about the ones in front first

On the right you sense hostility coming from an Enemy. You cant quite see or hear what it is but trust when your instincts tell you it wants to kill you

On the left you see the remains of a dead adventurer, a Corpse which may or may not have equipment for you to take. You also notice markings on the ground indicating that its in a Zone

Buriedbornes Basics

Curious about what a Zone is, you inspect the markings on the ground by clicking/tapping and holding on the room. It seems you clicking/tapping and holding will let you inspect more than just rooms.

You inspect yourself and review your equipment before you decide to enter.

Buriedbornes Basics

On the first slot you have your weapon

On the second slot you have your clothes/armor

On the third slot you have your helmet/accessory

Checking your gear makes you feel reassured, but just to make sure you choose a good path, you use your Camp Item, the Torch and light up the path ahead. For some reason your item wielding hand is very tired after using this so you must wait 10 Turns before you can reuse this Torch.

Buriedbornes Basics

You decide to take the path on the left.

Rerolling Part 1 – Items

Upon finding new Equipment, you will get to compare stats before you decide whether or not you would like to replace your current Equipment.

Buriedbornes BasicsBuriedbornes Basics

The new stats on the right look pretty good. More lines means its better right?
But you’re feeling lucky, maybe that corpse you picked this helmet from has a better helmet.
Maybe you might find something of High Quality, Master Quality, Demon-Forged or even Legendary rarity.
So you toss away it away in hopes of a better one… Unfortunately the stats are worse, you wasted your one free Reroll and you dont see another free helmet to take. Instead you decide to pray to the gacha gods and offer up some Soulstones to try to get another helmet.

Buriedbornes Basics

This one is better than the first reroll so you decide to just Accept what you have now and move on before you go into a gacha addiction and spend all your soulstones.

Dungeons Part 2 – Combat

When you encounter enemies, by default you cannot see their HP values unless you have the Observation skill. You can however see how much damage you’ve inflicted and gauge their max hp based on how much damage you’ve dealt to them. Some enemies may have Shields which is indicated by a yellow outline or Barriers which is indicated by green asterisks *

Buriedbornes Basics
Buriedbornes Basics
Buriedbornes Basics

You can check the Cooldown for the corresponding skill on the bottom left below your Job icon.

Buriedbornes Basics

Upon Leveling up your HP gets restored to full.

Rerolling Part 2 – Skills

Ocassionally you may have the opportunity to learn a Skill from a Corpse instead of finding Equipment. The same rule of Rerolling Equipment apply, you get one free Reroll by default. However, you get to choose which skill you would like to replace. If the skill is the same as the new skill, you can instead choose to level up that skill instead.

Buriedbornes Basics
Buriedbornes Basics

Inspecting skills can tell you about its chance to Hit , the Cooldown it has, as well as the scaling off of Stats it relies on. Some skills have unique effects such as Healing or Buffing your character, Debuffing or increasing enemy Cooldowns. You can lock the skill by setting it as a Favorite with the star in order to prevent accidentally swapping out the current skills you want to keep.

Buriedbornes Basics

Skills may also have a letter on them:

  • T (blue) – Turn doesnt end when used
  • C (red) – Consumable Item with limited uses
  • F (orange) – Firststrike resets Cooldown and activates at the beginning of each encounter

Or a green number indicating the skill’s level

Dungeons Part 3 – Bosses

Each floor has a Boss you must beat to progress to the next floor. If you do not think you can win, you can try to Runaway in order to Level up and try to find better Equipment or Skills before challenging it again. The boss for the floor wont be a different enemy, but it’ll be back at full HP if you do run.
Early floors bosses shouldn’t be too hard, but you never know. Good Luck!

Buriedbornes Basics
Buriedbornes Basics
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