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Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale Tips

Battle Royale Tips

With the popularity of Battle Royale, Call of Duty couldn’t resist the urge to include it and Call of Duty Mobile also brings a Battle Royale mode. Here are the tips an tricks that will help you win in Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale.

Choose The Right Class
don’t choose a class that seems cool instead pick the clas that actually is compatible with your play style.

Item Pickup
You don’t need to manually pick up items during COD Mobile Battle Royale mode. If you look directly at them, your character will automatically pick it up. if you hover near an item for a second or so, it’ll also be picked up automatically.

The same goes for the item in the chest. As you open a chest, everything will be picked up automatically by your character.

Try To Stay In the Center of Circle
While the circle is always randomized in Battle Royale mode but it’s wise to stay in the center of the circle or at least try to get to the center. Also, Call of Duty Mobile doesn’t allow players to survive for long outside the circle.

Battle Royale Loadout
There are no weapons or gadgets in the COD Mobile Battle Royale loadout. The only thing to equip in your loadout slots are cosmetic items.

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