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Call of Duty Mobile Best Weapons Guide

Best Weapons Guide

Assault Rifles
AK47- is the most dangerous weapon in COD: Mobile, it has high damage of 70. Even with fewer hits it can cause serious damage to the opponent. However, in terms of accuracy, this weapon is not that impressive with an accuracy of 45 which means that its recoil is hard to control.

M4- is the most known weapon in COD: Mobile having 4 attachments slots; out of which 3 are used for different attachments and the remaining 1 is used for scope. It does less damage than AK47 but, that can be ignored by its accuracy of 70 meaning its recoil is very low.

M4 has a decent range and an impressive fire rate of 60 making it the most dangerous and deadly weapon. M16- is a balanced weapon and can fire bullets on single/burst mode. It has a low Fire Rate but, a powerful range, accuracy, damage along with 4 attachments slots.

Sniper Rifles
M21 EBR- can kill the opponent with a single shot when hit on the head and can kill the opponent with double shots by aiming for the vest. It has a pre-applied scope and is a very dangerous weapon.

DLQ33- is a replica of M21 EBR having a front stand. This weapon is a balanced weapon having high damage and high accuracy but a short-range (most snipers have short-range including the Arctic 50).

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Submachine Guns
AKS 74U- is a submachine gun having high damage and high mobility. With the accuracy and fire rate of this weapon, you can easily hit the adversary and avoid fires shot at you.

Light Machine Guns
UL 736- is the most balanced stat weapon in COD: Mobile. When equipped with the perfect attachments, its stat scaling is quite impressive.

BY 15- has a greater fire rate as compared to other shotguns in COD: Mobile. This weapon is very useful when the opponent is close, due to its high damage of 85.

J358- has a lower fire rate as compared to other Pistols meaning missing is not an option but, it stands out due to its accuracy and damage. If you’re using this weapon than don’t worry about the fire rate, you’ll still hit the opponent with high damage.

FHJ 18- has less damage as compared to SMRS but due to its high accuracy of 90 it can even take down helicopters.

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