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Call of War – Country Selection

A guide explaining the Pros and cons of each country to play as in a variety of different maps, and which ones usually come out on top.

Country Selection

Europe: Clash of Nations

The beginner map, which is set in a European and North American theater is the map everyone will start out on. The game can last anywhere between 20 – 40 days depending on the skill of the participants. It is historically innacurate, and troop placements are uneven.

United Kingdom

The UK is an excellent country in any European theater, as it is an island it is seperated from any other country, the closest human player is France. Ireland is connected to the UK, however as it is not a human player it is usaully conqured first and will provide an extra city aswell as another island. Depending on relations with France, the Netherlands and Belguim are usually second to be conqured. On terms of resources it is rich in oil and food, however most of its provinces are accessible by the ocean, therefore they can be taken by surprise or bombarded by cruisers or battleships. When a navy is developed the UK can be extremely hard to reach until late game when missiles become available, the UK may seek lands in Scandanavia if France is an ally, the UK is a good country to play as if you are looking for a solo win.


Romania is extremely rich in resources, aswell as possessing lots of troop placements despite its size, Romania is surrounded by small AI countries which can be easily taken. Yugoslavia can be taken out quickly as its capital is on the border, if Romania can mobilize in time it can swiftly take surrounding lands unless relations with Poland differ. Romania is usually seen as a victor of many European games, however without an Alliance or a Non-Aggression-Pact it can be taken out quickly.

Russian Emprie

Backed up against the top right corner, the Russian Empire possesses a masterful regime, controlling lots of oil and steel aswell as 20+ infrantry placements. As it is in the corner, it can only be attacked from the North west (Finland) Which only shares a Sea border /through an AI) And Communist Russia (Surrounded by Human players in spite of its tiny size). This allows you to gain lots of AI territory, boosting your economy and manpower. It has 5 cities which can easily be boosted to 10 with the invasions of Karelia and Communist Russia, The Cossack republic can also be taken as long as Casucaus has not already grabbed it. With an Alliance the Russian Empire is virtually unstoppable, provided the leader is as potent as the country.

World at War

The Worldwide version of Europe: Clash of Nations. Harbouring 100 individual players this game is extrememly hectic, with coalitions accepting a total of 5 different nations and each and every country pitted against the next.


Although one of the smallest countries, it can prove to be the best. Korea is partially connected to Manchuko through a 2/3 province border, granted, with a swift attack manchuko could easily engulf Korea, however being surrounded by more than 4 Human players of equal size, it may decide to keep its borders secure instead of attacking. Japan can prove to be a helpful ally, being an island nation of formidable size, however as an enemy it can prove to be a difficult war as both countries are isolated from eachother. When a coalition of 5 is formed, for example, Japan, Korea, C. China, N. China and Manchuko, Korea is protected from virtually everywhere, and the surrounding large nations can act as a deterrent. Korea has an exessively large food stockpile and income, with lots of food provinces which can be upgraded it will never have a need to purchase food, and can even sell it for large quantities. Korea can easily build a navy with lots of costal cities, making it a powerful nation.

South Argentina

An unlikely foe right? wrong. South Argentina is usually held victor in most scenarios when played by an experienced General. South Argentina can easily invade North Argentina as it does not need to worry about bordering Human nations. In most cases, South America will form and alliance which usually consists of South Argentina, Bolivia, Columbia, Venezsuala and East Brazil. As these are the common victors, when an alliance like this is formed, A whole continent will be pitted against you, a continent which is seperated by 2 oceans from any other land. They will usually make their way across the southern atlantic towards West Africa, and will storm through weak human and small AI countries, Once Africa is shared between them, they will be surged with resources and manpower, which makes them capable of building up a large army quickly, other alliances will usually not intervene until it is too late, as they in deep conflict with other coalitions which are much closer and bordering. When the game is down to its final players, it is usually dividied into 3 coalitions, North America, South America and Eastern Asia, South America will usually turn to fighting the Asian coalition in Europe, as most European coalitions are butchered by the South American and Asian colaitions before being able to form an alliance. America will usually lack behind in resources, and remain Neutral throughout.

Belgian Congo (this will be a long one)

Last and certainly not least, Belgian Congo is by far my all time favourite country to play as, for a variety of different reasons. First we should take a look at the country itself, its 90% woods, meaning enemy light tanks will have no advantage as they would in plains, and also militia units will have a 35% bonus, making it easy to defend. Its large, and is bordered by 3 AI countries, Human countries such as Angoloa or E. Gabon will be fighting off their other neighbouring countries rather than you. When I first played as Belgian Congo, I gradually noticed that I was producing lots of units at seemingly no cost to my economy, and fast. Belgain Congo has 3 Food reigons, 1 of those being a double. It also has 2 Oil reigons, this makes mass producing not a problem as long as you put industrial complexes in them. Youll almost never touch the market and often find yourself selling in order to have a few more spies. Owning half of Africa is easily accomplishable in a week or so, most people never join, go inactive, or simply cannot fight you. Hell, you even have a lake seperating you from Tangka…. yeah I forgot its name. Anyway, your unlikely to be attacked. Here’s were you have to make a decision, Once you’ve conqeured Africa with or Without allies, you need to go abroad, wether its the 500m swim across the Suez Canal into the Middle East, or the several thousand mile voyage across the Atlantic, or even the trek into the Indian Ocean into Asia, choice is yours, but also remeber you could be attacked from these places too, so a navy is a good idea. Probably a good idea to go for the Middle East as its the most accessiable, and you can access Europe from it. A good airforce is also a good idea, as the planes will not have to go across water, once you have Europe and Africa, well, youve probably mustered an enormous army, and still have a good economy. Probably best to move your capital to central Africa, and HEAVILY reinforce your core provinces with bunkers, missles and commandos. I personally would go for Siberia and The Urals, quick and easy to take and will grant access to the rest of Asia. Belgian Congo is the best country. Period.

Worst countries, in a list

Europe Clash of Nations

  • Soviet Union – Exposed
  • Italy – Difficult to mobilize
  • France – always attacked by Germany or UK
  • Poland – Always attacked by Romania or Germany
  • Finland – Attacked by Russian Empire
  • South USA – Difficult to Mobilize – Exposed

World at War

  • Upper Volta – Exposed
  • New Zealand – Difficult to mobilize
  • France – Attacked by everyone
  • Spain – Difficult to mobilize
  • South West Africa – Destroyed by Belgian Congo
  • Romania – Attacked by Poland
  • Poland – Attacked by Germany
  • Urals – Low production capablilities
  • Archanglek – Low produciton capablilities
  • Phillipines – Difficult to mobilize
  • British Columbia – Attacked by US and Canadian territories
  • North Sudan – Attacked by Egypt
  • Saudi Arabia – Low produciton capabilities, attacked by Belgian Congo eventually
Written by GucciSleddyBoi

8 thoughts on “Call of War – Country Selection”

  1. The Caucasus is a great region to start out with, as you get about 50 units to start with on clash of nations. The Russian empire, however, is almost a terrible country to start off with.

    1) It’s hard to defend. The Russian Empire, due to its vast province sizes, is hard to defend because enemy troops could land in that province without you even knowing.

    2) neighbors are very aggressive. When I first started this game, I chose Communist Russia for obvious reasons, and my immediate thought was,” Hey, let’s go F**k this big mf up. I asked Finland and he said let’s do it.

    3) with this last response to this list, I want to point out how close the capital is to Communist Russia. One day while I was messing around and wanted to test how fast I could kill him. I took his capital within the first day (12 hours). Therefore, I state that choosing the Russian Empire isn’t a terrible mistake, but it would be more optimal to choose someone like Sweden, or the Caucasus as I stated.

  2. I agree with a lot of things, except for South USA and Italy in the worst countries list. I have used South USA and I must say that it is a strategically good place. It is far from Africa and the only near countries are Cuba and North USA. Cuba is easy to take and North USA is easy when acted quickly upon. I have used North USA had a lot of problems with lack of steel. Now Italy is quite open. Being that it does not have a lot of land mass, it is quite easy to take over. But, I have seen several wins from Italy, so idk.

    • While these 2 countries are easy to take, you can’t focus on both of them. Actually, you need to be allied with Cuba or North USA or other neighbouring countries, because you will be needing a lot of ships in order to attack Cuba, not to mention that they will be producing as fast as you are, and while focusing on them you will be exposed.

  3. I reckon that Poland is really good in the map with Europe North Africa and America. Balanced resources and you just have to make a few allies that you can ditch and Germany’s capital is really close. Also, an experienced player can easily win as southern us because its not close to much. The worst starting country has to be northern us because it boarders Canada and southern us, both of which have no other player neighbours. However, everyone has their own personal preferences. 🙂

  4. Finland is great for me, i have played 3 times (clash of nations) and all 3 times i have won. If you play smart you can take out russian empire very quick, either work with com russia or russian empire. Aftrr that, the rest of scandinavia is an easy target

  5. I think nationalists is the worst country to play in world at war because you can be defeated easily and too few army to start with and low production which end up being conquer by communist or nearby countries like Indochina,South China…

  6. Belgian Congo borders with too many countries and it has no harbors.
    I treat South Mexico, South Argentina, and Spain as the best countries in WAW
    Turkey, Egypt, and Sweden are the best countries in Europe clash of nations since they only share their border with one human-player nation

  7. In Europe Poland, Rumania are the best countries because they are surrounded by 3+ AI countries. Then your diplomatic skills is asked.

    In Word South Argentina, Ethiopia and British Odisha (India) are the best.
    South Argentina, you already explained. Ethiopia and British Odisha are surrounded by 2-3 AI coutries.


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