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Captain of Industry All power stations and basic configurations

All available power stations and basic configurations.

Diesel Generator

First aviable power station – Diesel Generator. Primitive, little, weak. Build, load diesel – energy move to power system.

Require 3 units Diesel and 2 workers, generate 180 kW. Later you can build pipe from Diesel storage.

Power generation

All input and output – for normal diffuicult (Captain), per 60 seconds.

Steam Turbines and Generators – 1

Next levels of generation power use Steam Turbines and Generators.

Power Generator and Turbines has 2 types – small and large (II).

High-pressure Turbine (first level) research after Research lab II and requred Construction Parts II (yellow) to build. Power Generator use 500 kW Mechanical power, and generate 300 kW Electricity Power. To rotating Generators you need High-pressure Turbine: it use 24 Steam hi (SH), and take 24 Steam lo (SL) and 1 MW Mechanical Power. So, for each High-pressure Turbine require 2 Generators.

To create SH you can use Coal Boiler.
Boiler (Coal) require 18 units of Coal and 48 Water; and produce 48 SH and 36 Exhaust. You can’t use recycling Exhausts and need to have Smoke Stack for utilize it.
Also, you need second Smoke Stack to utilize SL – without another option to use it on this technology level.

Power generation-1

For example – Power Plant uses full potential of Boiler. From top to bottom – Water and Coal storages, Boiler, two Turbines with four Generators. And two Smoke Stacks.

This plant require 8 Workers, 18 Coal and 48 Water, and generate 1.2 MW Electricity. When you planning place – reserve place on left or right side to enlargement.

Steam Turbines and Generators – enlargement

With basic Steam Power plant you lose steam and water. And next techs can help you to save and use it.

Save of Mechanical tower – turbine can disable, when power required is low. But rotor can’t accelerate instantly after consumption is increased. Thus, you need Flywheel.

Flywheel can save inertia of rotating mass: Turbine get more steam instantly, and when power consumption is increased – generator stopped and few seconds can’t get power. For solve this problem you can build Flywheel: power generation is depend for velocity of rotor, and Flywheel save it velocity on time, when turbine starting.

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Cooling tower condensate steam, convert in to water with 50% efficiency. One Cooling tower can take 24 Steam (any type) and return 12 Water. Then, per each Turbine requires 2 Cooling Tower. Build with Construction Parts III (red).

Low-Pressure Turbine work with Steam lo and convert it to Steam Depleted (SD), generate 1 MW Mechanical Power. For research you need Lab II, for build – Construction Parts III.

For example – optimized Power Plant. Order of Turbines, Generators and Flywheels – any, but limit – 12 MW of Mechanical Power on Schaft.

Power generation-2

On left side – Flywheel, right side – Low-Pressure Turbine and two additional Generators. Right from Boiler – 2 Cooling Tower and pipe to tank. If you build water pipe from Distiller or Pump – connect it with Balanser with priority of recycling water.

Now, you add 7 Workers (total – 15), don’t use additional Coal, reduced Water consumption from 48 to 24 and generate 1.8 MW Electricity.

Steam Turbines and Generators – 2

After build Research Lab 4 you can research advanced Electricity and build large Turbines and Generators.

High-Pressure Turbine II and Low-Pressure Turbine II twice consumption Steam (48 and 96) and production Power (2 MW). Power Generator II require 3 MW Mechanical Power and generate 2.5 MW Electricity. Then, you need one Boiler per each High Turbine and 4 Cooling Tower per each Low Turbine. For build requires Construction Parts III.

Power generation-18
This system require 30 Workers, 36 Coal and 48 Water, and generate 5 MW Electricity. After, you can filter Exhaust, use 9.6 Water per 2 Boiler (1 Exhaust Scrubber use 24 Water and can receive Exhausts from 5 Boilers).

So, you can use Gas Boilers instead of Coal. It use Fuel Gas (or Oil Components) and generate 48 SH – equal of Coal Boiler.

Nuclear power

Next from large Turbines you can research Uran Enrichment and Nuclear Energy. And now, you can build factory of Uranium Rods for Reactor. Go!

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Uranium mine (World map) level 2 generates 12 Uranium Ore.

Cargo Depot require 60 kW per Loose Module.

Crusher – 12 Uranium ore to 12 Uranium Ore Crushed.

Settling tank – Uranium Ore Crushed and 4 Acid to 6 Yellow cake and 6 Toxic Slurry.

Enrichment plant – 3 Yellow cake and 1 Hydrogen Fluoride to 3 Uranium Pellets. Require 2 per Reactor.

Settling tank (other) – 8 Rock and 6 Acid to 8 Hydrogen Fluoride (and 2 Slag). 1/4 productivity per Reactor – 2 Rock and 1.5 Acid.

Mixer – 6 Sulfur and 12 Water to 24 Acid. You require 4 Acid to Settling-1 and 1.5 to Settling-2, round up 6 Acid per Reactor, 1/4 of productivity (1.5 Sulfur and 3 Water).

Waste treatment – 48 Toxic Slurry, 4 Filter Media and 12 Brine to 40 Water and 12 Slag. 1/8 per Reactor – 0.5 Filter and 1.5 Brine. As option – use Waste treatment on your Gold factory.

Assembly (Electric) II – 12 Uranium Pellets and 0.3 Steel to 2 Uranium Rods. 1/2 productivity.

For example – Enrichment factory, build for 2 Reactors.

Power generation-19

Nuclear Reactor on full power require 288 Water and 1 Uranium Rods and generate 288 SH. Yes, Nuclear Reactor (in real life too) – very big and very difficult boiler.

You can change output power – 1/3, 2/3 or full. But changing of power reuired time, and you can’t use auto-balance to reducing of consumption the fuel. For build required Electronics II and Construction Part III.

288 is equal 3*96, that is 3 plants (without Boilers and Flywheels) from previous part – 3 High turbines. 1 Low Turbine and 2 Generators. And now opened Large Cooling Tower, which can convert 96 Steam to 72 Water. And we need 72 additional Water. As option – with Electric Boiler, 2 Thermal Desalinators, Seawater Pump and Liquid Dump. But exists other options.

Boiler use 24 Water (and 1.56 MW Electricity) and create 24 SH.

Seawater Pump creates 120 Seawater.

Thermal Desalinator convert 60 Seawater and 12 SH to 48 Water and 24 Brine. Brine – to Liquid Dump (or Salt factory), Water – to Reactor. Desalinators give 96 Water – 24 to Boiler, 72 to Reactor. Zero balance.
For example – Nuclear Power plant. Reactor, 3 assemblies of Turbines and Generators, 3 Cooling Towers, 2 Desalinators, Boiler. Water tank – for reserve.

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Power generation-20

Six generators per 2.5 MW – 15 MW, but we have enrichment factory and water system. I’m calc 570 kW for Fuel and 1.66 MW for Water, total Reactor balance – average 12.7 MW. And zero waste (excluding Diesel from Cargo ship and Maintenance).

Workers – 147 per Reactor plant, and on Enrichment – 36 per Reactor, 8 per 2 reactors (Rods), 11 per 4 Reactors (Mixer and Settling). And 50 Workers per each 2 levels of Uranium mine.

And – Spent Fuel Storage. Capacity – 5000 units, with 1 Reactor on full power it 416 Years. You can’t recycle Spent Fuel, and Storage build for ever – or until patch with recycling.

Solar power

Yes, game has Solar Electricity.
Energy storage system no response in game and you can’s store energy for rainy weather. Yes, during rain efficiency of solar panels very low.

Power generation-21

Solar Panel (left on picture) require for build Solar cells, it produced from steel, glass and Silicon poly. 1 Panel require 90 cells (11 Steel, 135 Silicon, 45 Glass), 15 Construction Part III (15 Steel) and 8 Electronics-II (16 Silicon). Generate – 38 kW in sunny weather or 8 kW in rainy. Place – 10*10.

Solar Panel mono (right on picture) require for build Solar cells mono, it produced from Steel, Glass and Silicon Wafer. 1 Panel require 90 cells mono (11 Steel, 135 Waffer, 45 Glass), 15 Construction Part III (15 Steel) and 8 Electronics-II (16 Silicon). Wafer – 3 Silicon poly, total – 420 Silicon per Panel. Generate – 48 kW in sunny weather or 10 kW in rainy. Place – 10*10. Maintenance – level II.

Power generation-22

Compare sizes of power plants.

Blue – Nuclear reactor with turbines, generators, enrichment and rods factory. 12.7 MW.
Red – Coal plant. 5 MW.
Green – 100 Solar Cells. From 0.8 MW (rainy, Panels lvl 1) to 4.8 MW (sunny, Panels lvl 2).

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