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CMS21 Best Value Tuning Shop Parts

How to get the most bang for your buck while doing tuning orders. Link to spreadsheet with the part’s values calculated.

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Best Value Tuning Shop Parts

The best value performance parts are: Air Filters, Carburetors, Exhaust Manifolds, and Ignition parts (excluding the default “Ignition Coil”). For electric cars the Cables are a cheap boost too.

I found this out by creating a chart with all the tuning shop parts cost vs their performance gain.

It calculates each part’s value divided by its percent increase in the “Cost per %” column, lower being better.

You can right click the top of column D and sort sheet A-Z to organize the sheet by value instead of alphabetically if you prefer.

I created this to find out which parts give the most performance for the least cash, so I could be thrifty while doing tuning jobs. Hope it helps!

PartPrice (CR)Percent (+HP%)Cost per %
Airfilter (I4 B)1501.7586
Airfilter (I4 DOHC TAE)351.523
Airfilter (I6 B)901.560
Airfilter (I6 L24)1501.5100
Airfilter (Type A)1001.567
Airfilter (V8 DOHC CGM)301.520
Airfilter (V8 OHV F)481.532
Airfilter (V8 SOHC FME)301.520
Alternator (I6 B)4001.5267
Cable A (eDen-1H)150275
Cable A (Proton e-R)150275
Cable B (eDen-1H)150275
Cable B (Proton e-R)150275
Cable C (eDen-1H)150275
Camshaft (I3)4402.5176
Camshaft (I4 B)5003167
Camshaft (I4 SOHC)5502.75200
Camshaft (I6 B)3603120
Camshaft (V6 B)4001400
Camshaft (V8 OHV C)2002.7573
Camshaft (V8 OHV)5502.75200
Camshaft (V8)6603.3200
Carburetor (4 Barrel)3751231
Carburetor (I6 B)210370
Carburetor B (V8 OHV E)310652
Carburetor C (V8 OHV E)350570
Catalytic Converter3501.75200
Charger (eDen-1H)9783326
Charging Inductor (Proton e-R)2740.75365
Charging Rectifier (CHRG-e E1)1050.75140
Charging Rectifier (Proton e-R)1050.75140
Clutch Plate3501.75200
Clutch Pressure Plate1800.9200
Converter (CHRG-e E1)2470.75329
Converter (Proton e-R)2670.75356
Engine Head (I3)17007243
Engine Head (I4 B)250010250
Engine Head (I4 DOHC TAE)18003600
Engine Head (I4 SOHC D)18723624
Engine Head (I4 SOHC)10005200
Engine Head (I4 SR20)19733658
Engine Head (I4)14007200
Engine Head (I5 DOHC ADI)14003467
Engine Head (I6 B)13508169
Engine Head (I6 DOHC BU2 T)18413614
Engine Head (I6 DOHC FMW)18003600
Engine Head (I6 L24)18003600
Engine Head (V8 OHV F)17343578
Engine Head (V8 OHV)800989
Engine Head (V8)200010200
Engine Head A (V6 B)16007229
Engine Head A (V6 DOHC AKY)17503583
Engine Head A (V6 VQ37VHR)20773692
Engine Head A (V8 DOHC CGM)18003600
Engine Head A (V8 SOHC FME)18003600
Engine Head B (I3)19007271
Engine Head B (V6 B)16007229
Engine Head B (V6 DOHC AKY)17503583
Engine Head B (V6 VQ37VHR)18003600
Engine Head B (V8 DOHC CGM)18003600
Engine Head B (V8 SOHC FME)18003600
EV Battery Module212121061
Exhaust Manifold150350
Exhaust Manifold (I3)3753125
Exhaust Manifold (I4 B)160440
Exhaust Manifold (I4 DOHC TAE)4724118
Exhaust Manifold (I4 SOHC D)351488
Exhaust Manifold (I4 SOHC)1701.5113
Exhaust Manifold (I4 SR20)245461
Exhaust Manifold (I4 TURBO)2101.05200
Exhaust Manifold (I5 DOHC ADI)247462
Exhaust Manifold (I6 B)80327
Exhaust Manifold (I6 DOHC BU2 T)117429
Exhaust Manifold (I6 L24)348487
Exhaust Manifold (V6 B)180445
Exhaust Manifold (V8 OHV D)3502.5140
Exhaust Manifold (V8 OHV F)240460
Exhaust Manifold (V8 OHV)1600.8200
Exhaust Manifold (V8)3301.65200
Exhaust Manifold A (BU2)173443
Exhaust Manifold A (I6 DOHC FMW)207452
Exhaust Manifold A (V12)240460
Exhaust Manifold A (V6 DOHC AKY)200450
Exhaust Manifold A (V6 VQ37VHR)240460
Exhaust Manifold A (V8 SOHC FME)240460
Exhaust Manifold B (BU2)273468
Exhaust Manifold B (I6 DOHC FMW)207452
Exhaust Manifold B (V12)240460
Exhaust Pipe1800.9200
Exhaust Pipe C1401140
Front Exhaust Pipe (V8 OHV)170285
Front Exhaust Pipe (V8)3001.5200
Front Exhaust Pipe B (V8)2801.4200
Front Exhaust Section1800.9200
Front Exhaust Section (I4 SOHC)1351.590
Front Exhaust Section (I6 B)1601160
Front Exhaust Section (TURBO)2201.1200
Front Exhaust Section (V8 OHV D)180290
Front Exhaust Section A (I3)160280
Front Exhaust Section A (V6 B)1601160
Front Exhaust Section B (I3)160280
Front Exhaust Section B (V6 B)1601160
Front Exhaust Section C (V6 B)4401440
Front Exhaust Section D (V6 B)4401440
Fuel Filter900.6150
Fuel Pump3001.5200
Fuel Pump (I6 B)2002100
Fuel Rail (I3)5503183
Fuel Rail (I4 B)3601360
Fuel Rail (I4 DOHC TAE)5972299
Fuel Rail (I4 SR20)5792290
Fuel Rail (I5 DOHC ADI)5212261
Fuel Rail (I6 DOHC BU2 T)5012251
Fuel Rail (I6 DOHC FMW)3812191
Fuel Rail (V12)5902295
Fuel Rail (V6 B)4003133
Fuel Rail (V6 DOHC AKY)3692185
Fuel Rail (V6 VQ37VHR)5902295
Fuel Rail (V8 DOHC CGM)6072304
Fuel Rail (V8 SOHC FME)5902295
Fuel Rail DI9504238
Fuel Rail MPI3403113
Glow Plug250.13192
Ignition Coil1800.75240
Ignition Coil (I4 SOHC)2204.549
Ignition Coil B280470
Ignition Distributor A120524
Ignition Distributor Cap751.550
Ignition Distributor Rotor600.5120
Ignition Wires (I4 DOHC TAE)190295
Ignition Wires (I4 SOHC)1500.75200
Ignition Wires (I6 B)1501.25120
Ignition Wires (I6 L24)195298
Ignition Wires (V8 OHV F)2052103
Ignition Wires (V8)1201120
Intake Manifold (1 Carb)3072154
Intake Manifold (2 Carb)5502.75200
Intake Manifold (I3)6003200
Intake Manifold (I4 B)8403280
Intake Manifold (I6 B)3003100
Intake Manifold A (V6 B)8402420
Intake Manifold A (V6 VR38DETT)5302265
Intake Manifold A (V6 VR38DETT)7002350
Intake Manifold B (V6 B)4001400
Intake Manifold I4 DI6003200
Intake Manifold I4 MPI2501.25200
Inverter (CHRG-e E1)1971197
Inverter (Proton e-R)2101210
Junction Box (CHRG-e E1)1251.583
Link Capacitor (CHRG-e E1)1730.75231
Link Capacitor (Proton e-R)1910.75255
Middle Muffler3301.65200
Piston with Conrod2251.13199
Piston with Conrod (V8 OHV C)2251.13199
Power Electronics (eDen-1H)4782239
Power Electronics Converter (CHRG-e E1)5901.65358
Power Electronics Converter (Proton e-R)6121612
Power Steering Pump (I4 B)3001300
Power Steering Pump (I4)2501.25200
Power Steering Pump (I6 B)2001.5133
Power Steering Pump (V12)3002150
Power Steering Pump (V6 B)2502125
Power Steering Pump (V6 DOHC AKY)3062153
Power Steering Pump (V8 OHV F)2501.5167
Power Steering Pump (V8)3001.5200
Rear Muffler2001200
Rear Muffler (I4)4002200
Rear Muffler (V8)7003.5200
Rear Muffler 370Z6004150
Rear Muffler A5002250
Rear Muffler B (V8)8003267
Rear Muffler F160280
Rear Muffler Fairlady Z3202160
Rear Muffler GTR8005160
Rear Muffler Silvia4803160
Round Air Filter (1 Carb)80180
Round Air Filter (2 Carb)1201.2100
Spark Plug250.13192
Throttle (BU2)3051305
Throttle (I3)4002.5160
Throttle (I4 SOHC D)4601460
Throttle (I4 SR20)4671467
Throttle (I4)3103103
Throttle (I5 DOHC ADI)3061306
Throttle (I6 DOHC BU2 T)3431343
Throttle (I6 DOHC FMW)2561256
Throttle (I6 DOHC FMW)4601460
Throttle (V12)4601460
Throttle (V6 B)5002.75182
Throttle (V6 DOHC AKY)4601460
Throttle (V6 VQ37VHR)5071507
Throttle (V8 DOHC CGM)4601460
Throttle (V8)3301.65200
Turbo (V6 VR38DETT)15003500
Turbocharger (I3)11007157
Turbocharger (I4 B)11507164
Turbocharger (I4 SOHC D)8033268
Turbocharger (I5 DOHC ADI)5973199
Turbocharger (I6 DOHC BU2 T)8023267
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