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CaseCracker 100% Achievement Guide

All Achievements in one guide with descriptions and hints. Contains huge spoilers to the game, be advised.

CaseCracker 100% Achievement Guide

Guide is divided by cases in which achievements are earned. Use Ctrl+F to find a specific achievement.

Each achievement entry in this guide have hints for those of you who just need a little help. Hints go progressively more revealing.

Almost all achievements are tied to “derived” and “secondary” clues in game. If you going to complete Extended Mysteries you will get them along the way.

Most of the achievements earned when you find specific clue in related case.
For those “solution” field will contain clue name. Simply search it in game to get the achievement.

Other achievements however require player to perform specific actions.
For those “solution” field will contain details of what to do.

In each case there is a puzzle you can solve. It’s always a secondary clue.
For those achievements there will be “puzzle” in description.
Additionally first hint will contain location of the puzzle, second hint will contain instructions how to solve the puzzle and finally “solution” field will contain the answer to the puzzle.

Case 1

CaseCracker all Achievements guide
Here is Waldo

Description: You find Waldo!
Hint: Find a place on the map when asked
Hint 2: Map is the background picture. Bonus: there is different map for each case.
Solution: Inkspot

CaseCracker all Achievements guide
Find the singer

Description: Biggest fan!
Hint: In Zhang Feixiang’s bio there is name of a song of real world singer
Solution: Lana Del Rey

CaseCracker all Achievements guide
Take a ride

Description: Check taxi app
Hint: In “Shared Ride” clue Zhang Feixiang mentions real world taxi app
Solution: Uber or Yoober

CaseCracker all Achievements guide
The mysterious explosion

Description: Find the ground zero of the explosion (puzzle)
Hint: Solve puzzle in Storage room
Hint 2: Make a grid with 6 rows and English letters as columns and mark the cells present in the puzzle to form an image
Solution: Mt. Urn

Case 2

CaseCracker all Achievements guide
Alcoholic dog

Description: Barks a lot after few bottles, grumpy
Hint: Zhang Kai’s camera contains records for a number of days prior to murder
Solution: In “Mounted camera” search for a record from 08.05.2020

CaseCracker all Achievements guide
Wagie Cagie

Description: Go get that bread
Hint: In “Dog” clue Zhang Kai mentions incident at work happened at Mid-Autumn Day last year
Hint 2: Mid-Autumn Day (or Festival) is a real holiday in East and Southeast Asian countries. Celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month. Game events are happening in 2020
Solution: In “Surveillance center” clue search for a record from 13.09.2019

CaseCracker all Achievements guide

Description: Your favorite Streamer
Hint: In “Fans” clue Zhang Kai mentions real word content creator
Solution: PewDiePie

CaseCracker all Achievements guide
Just don’t

Description: You have to search yourself?
Hint: You should be promted by Agatha to search for something when looking at Liu Junting profile
Solution: Search your in-game profile name

CaseCracker all Achievements guide
The interference

Description: Find the message after the interference (puzzle)
Hint: Solve puzzle in Kitchen
Hint 2: Digits pairs are coordinates for letters in English keyboard
Solution: Kepler

Case 3

CaseCracker all Achievements guide

Description: But why
Hint: Find a guaranteed DNA match to blood sample
Solution: Combine Wang Yang (victum) with blood sample

CaseCracker all Achievements guide
An open letter

Description: No names were mentioned
Hint: Find a letter in safe box from Li Yiying’s residence
Hint 2: Password to safe is hinted by Li Yiying. You need to return to another case to find it.
Hint 3: Use “Shared Ride” in Case 1 to find out what car was used by Li Yiying at 21.05.2020. Convert last 3 digits of car’s plate number to binary to open safe box. You can use binary converter in case 5 or do it yourself.
Solution: Public letter. Password to safe box is 10010111

CaseCracker all Achievements guide
Unfaithful wife

Description: Find out who is cheating
Hint: In Gao Jingwei’s profile Wang Feng mentions that Gao had an affair with security guard’s wife
Solution: Jiao Bin

CaseCracker all Achievements guide
The mysterious man

Description: Find out his identity (puzzle)
Hint: Solve puzzle in Reading room
Hint : Digits are atomic numbers of chemical elements. Remove corresponding letters from element’s symbols then combine everything.
Solution: Sol

Case 4

CaseCracker all Achievements guide
Shopping site

Description: That site everyone uses
Hint: In “Medallion” clue Huo Tiantian mentions popular real world shopping site
Solution: Amazon

CaseCracker all Achievements guide
Smelly fruit

Description: An essential ingredient for the Cheer Cake
Hint: In “Cheer Cake” clue there is mention of a tropical fruit that possesses extremely powerful smell
Solution: Durian

CaseCracker all Achievements guide
Neighboring city

Description: This city is known by coal production
Hint: In “Diagnosis report” clue Huo Tiantian mentions that she went to a hospital in a neighboring city
Hint 2: Return to Case 2 for the city name
Solution: Bincheng

CaseCracker all Achievements guide
Gambling place

Description: Shooting some dice
Hint: In “Debt” clue Yu Meng mentions underground gambling den, hiding in a condo building
Hint 2: In Case 2 in “Photographs” clue find gambling den on 9 floor of one of condo compounds
Solution: BC Gardens

CaseCracker all Achievements guide

Description: A top selling novel, it’s based on true stories
Hint: This book is present pretty much in every case
Solution: Infiltration, duh

CaseCracker all Achievements guide

Description: Find out the policeman’s name (puzzle)
Hint: Solve puzzle from Balcony
Hint: Years are related to movies releases. Alex Murphy is main character name
Solution: Robocop

Case 5

CaseCracker all Achievements guide
Day of purchase

Description: Hope it’s still under warranty
Hint: In “Bunny Hare” clue search for serial number from one of the previous cases
Solution: TY201098 from Case 2

CaseCracker all Achievements guide
Locker 7

Description: Not many people can unlock it
Hint: In Case 2 in “Chicheng Library” clue Huo Yan mentions himself fighting over locker 7 with someone
Hint 2: In Case 5 in “Chicheng Library” clue Nie Ping mentions two people fighting near a locker. One of them being local journalist
Hint 3: In Case 1 in Zhang Feixiang’s notebook there is two passwords he uses
Solution: Unlock locker 7 with “yaoyu521” password

CaseCracker all Achievements guide
Search engine

Description: You can find anything on it
Hint: In “Converter” clue Zhang Zhen mentions the biggest search engine
Solution: Google

CaseCracker all Achievements guide

Description: Find the TwoPiece
Hint: In Case 1 in “Prison” clue Zhang Feixiang mentions that TwoPiece is “buried by the side of the river”
Hint 2: In Case 2 in “Gradient” clue Huo Yan mentions “theory that TwoPiece has something to do with a famous photograph”
Hint 3: In Case 4 in “Chiling River” clue Wang Buer mentions that TwoPiece is hidden were “the rivers and stars meet”
Hint 4: Combine “Chiling River” clue with “Beneath the Stars” to find lock box
Hint 5: Number on the box is a shipping letter. Enter it in “Zip Express” clue in Case 1 to find the date of delivery.
Solution: Open lock box with 20101017 code

CaseCracker all Achievements guide
Best spot

Description: Locate Blackrobe’s headquarter
Hint: Go to game page in Steam library and look at background picture
Solution: Black Tower

CaseCracker all Achievements guide
Chill out B

Description: You found Li Shuo! He has a friend named B that always freaks out
Hint: There is no mention of this guy in game so the only hint is in the achievement description
Hint 2: He’s sort of an employe himself
Solution: Search for Li Shuo in “Black Robe Inc.” clue

CaseCracker all Achievements guide
Messages in the rye

Description: Get the messages in the rye (puzzle)
Hint: Solve puzzle in Game room
Hint 2: It’s Cesar cipher with different offsets. You need to to decipher each letter.
Solution: war

End game


Crack the final case
CaseCracker all Achievements guide

Description: Find out who is pulling the strings
Hint: After you close Case 5 404 will present to you “the final truth” question: guess his identity. He is one of the people you met in cases
Hint 2: He’s not a murderer or a victim. He’s also not a side character. He’s very much alive and well
Hint 3: In Case 5 in “Notebook” clue there is mention that Sun Zhi coded hint to 404’s identity in his famous photograph. There is also another clue – “№ 12”
Hint 4: In Case 5 combine “Revealing pen” with “Beneath the Stars” to find a hint
Hint 5: In Case 5 in library open locker № 12 with Sun Zhi universal password to find a hint
Hint 6: In Case 5 or Case 4 in “Project K” clue enter cases numbers to reveal a hint
Hint 7: Use Spinx app logos from Cases 2-5 to determine one person in Case 3 by his/her character traits. You can search each logo’s name as clue in corresponding cases
Solution: Gao Jingwei

Chance of Survival
CaseCracker all Achievements guide

Hint: After you find out 404 identity and game close itself there should be Spinx app appeared in your real desktop. Otherwise you can find it game files: RMC on game in Steam -> Browse Local Files -> TruthDetective_DataStreamingAssetsBlackRobe. Find the password and app will reveal further clues
Hint 2: Password for Spinx app is 4 digits. 404 give you one at the end – yellow 4. Other digits can be found in Case 3
Hint 3: Enter 7481 in Spinx app to unlock it. App will display an image in which there are parts of a website www.plan-k.cc. Go there from your browser of choice and find other clues
Hint 4: In website you can enter employes IDs from the game to reveal information about people. One ID in particular will give you your chance to survival
Hint 5: It’s one of two IDs present in Spinx app picture – E01014250
Solution: Search for 17492732 in Case 3. This number is also Agatha PID backwards. You can search her normal PID in website to reveal shocking truth about her

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