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Castle Crashers – Complete Guide

Everything in Castle Crashers from Animal Orbs to Food Items.

Animal Orbs

All the Animal Orbs where to find them and what they do.

ThunderGodDevo’s favorite Animal Orb is located in the Insane Store purchase him for 1100 Gold. Pelter will shoot ice at your Enemies.

Chicken can be found in Medusa’s Lair right after you beat the first Enemies there is a Dig Spot dig up Chicken. Chicken will increase your Defense, Agility, and Strength.

The Cardinal is located in the Industrial Castle it can be obtained after defeating the Buffed Brute. Cardinal will give you secret items.

Located in the Tall Grass Fields level blow your Horn at the Horn Sign next to the hut. Hawkster will attack fallen Enemies and bring you Fruit from any dead Enemies.

After obtaining the Key Sword (see weapons) use it on the locked door in the Animal Ark and walk in to find Beholder. Beholder increases your Magic power.

BiPolar Bear
He can be obtained by using the Horn next to the entrance to the Ice Castle level in the Snow World level. BiPolar Bear will maul any Enemies with 8% health or less to death.

Install Ball
In the Alien Ship level during the countdown portion of the level go into a door right after opening the 3rd laser gate and he will be there. Install Ball will shoot your Enemies with lasers.

Golden Whale
He will be obtained after purchasing the game BattleBlock Theatre from the Steam Store. He will poop Gold Cubes (see money) every 30 seconds.

Bitey Bat
In the level Pipistrello’s Cave after defeating Pipistrello he will turn into Bitey Bat. Bitey Bat will bite and stun your Enemies in place.

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Burly Bear
In the level Tall Grass Fields use a Sandwich on the boulder and remove it from the cave entrance then go in and use Bombs to blow up the wall go behind it and get Burly Bear. He will up your Strength and Defense.

In the level Desert there is a Dig Spot right infront of the Alien Ship putting the tip back on the pyramid. Giraffey increases your XP gain by 8%.

Purchase him in the Insane Store for 1100 Gold. Dragonhead will shoot fireballs at your Enemies.

He can be obtained in the Forest Entrance going into the Theives’ Forest level where the musical notes are go behind the bush and get him. He will give you hidden Fruit from trees.

Mr. Buddy
Obtained in the Home Castle in the starting room there is a Dig Spot dig it and get him. Mr. Buddy helps you dig faster.

Purchase him in the Marsh Store for 290 Gold. Piggy will make Food give you more health except Popcorn (see Bosses, see Food).

Play the Parade level and go into the cave entrance to the Cyclops’ Cave level and go back out Meowburt will be standing there. Meowburt will increase your Agility.

Purchase him at the Church Store for 325 Gold. He will increase your luck for finding Weapons, Food, and Gold on dead Enemies.

Pazzo can be pruchased in the Snow Store for 455 Gold. Pazzo helps you find secret and normal Dig Spots.

In the Cyclops’ Fortress there is a cracked wall blow it up with Bombs and obtain Snoot. Snoot will give you Strength.

In the Theives’ Forest level there is a cracked wall in the ruins portion of the level blow it up with Bombs. Troll will increase you health by 1% every 8 seconds.

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He is obtained in the Tall Grass Fields level after killing the Bear Boss. Rammy will headbutt your Enemies.

Seahorse is out in the open in the Theives’ Forest level by the river. Seahorse lets you move in water at walking speed.

Snailburt is out in the open aswell in the Marsh level right before the cornfields. Snailburt increases your Defense but lowers your Agility.

This Animal Orb can be located in the Animal Ark use your Magic jump and get her out of the wall. Sherbert increases your jumping height.

In the Sand Castle Interior level Scratchpaw is found behind a cracked wall you have to blow up using Bombs. Scratchpaw increases Strength and Agility.

In the Desert Chase level after the chasing kill the Saracen on the Camel and get the Zebra. Zebra will make it a 100% chance to find Food in the grass.

Spiny can be purchased in the Volcano Store for 300 Gold. Spiny increases your Defense.

My favorite pet Frogglet can be obtained in the Marsh level in a Dig Spot in the graveyard portion of the level. Frogglet brings you Food and Money on the ground.

In the Snow World level next to the cave entrance to the Ice Castle level go behind the house with the smoking chimney and you’ll get him.

That is it for Animal Orbs.


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Food Items give you health.

Heals 1 health no matter what. Can only be found by hitting/defeating Corn Boss (see Bosses)

Red Apple
Heals 10% health

Green Apple
Heals 10% health

Heals 10% health

French Fries
Heals 10% health

Heals 10% health

Chocolate Cake
Heals 10% health

Heals 10% health

Heals 10% health

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Red Candy
Heals 10% health

Green Candy
Heals 10% health

Heals 50% health

Turkey Leg
Heals 50% health

Heals 10% health

Heals 10% health

Heals 10% health

Ice Cream
Heals 10% health


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Money/Gold is different things that let you buy things.

Worth 1 Gold.

Gold Cube
Worth 1 Gold.

Golden Idol
Worth 16 Gold.

Bag of Gold
Worth 5 Gold.

Blue Gem
Worth 6 Gold.

Red Gem
Worth 7 Gold.

Yellow Gem
Worth 8 Gold.

Green Gem
Worth 9 Gold.

Purple Gem
Worth 10 Gold.

Blue Diamond
Worth 11 Gold.

Red Diamond
Worth 12 Gold.

Yellow Diamond
Worth 13 Gold.

Green Diamond
Worth 14 Gold.

Purple Diamond
Worth 15 Gold.


Items this includes Potions, Shovel, Sandwich, Bow, Boomerang, and Bombs

Can be purchased at all stores. Heals 100% of your health. Can be purchased for 11, 12, 13, 14, 18 Gold at different stores.

can bought at the Volcano Store and all the ones after that. They can also be obtained in Lava World dropping from the Fire Demons.

You can purchase Bombs from any stores except the Theives’ Store and Castle Keep. It allows you to blow up walls and hurt Enemies.

You find it in the Desert level in a sand castle at the begging of the level. Allows you to dig up Dig Spots.

It can be dropped from Theives and any Enemies in the Barbarian War level. Allows you to shoot arrows.

Found by the Cardinal in the Theives’ Forest level near the pooping owl. Allows you to throw and pick stuff up and damage Enemies.

The Horn is obtained after defeating the Corn Boss a peasant will give it to you. Use it to blow and unlock secrets and damage Enemies.


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