Cat’s Kiss Starting Guide & Tips (Early Access)

Cat's Kiss Starting Guide (Early Access)

Game guide for Early Access.

Cat’s Kiss Guide

  • Chat > Spend Strength to increase Mood, Interest, and other stats
  • Game >Increases Affection randomly. Buying items can add to the number of games available
  • Work > Income depends on the place and time of day
  • Sex Events > The sensitivity level is different in different parts. Right clicking will remove her clothes and in the lower right corner there will be a Sex option. If the Affection and Excitement level is high enough, the Sex action can be done successfully. DO NOT proceed to Sex in the beginning. It is recommend to have Sex once Affection is over 120 with high Interest.

Main story

Story items can be purchased depending on storyline progress, and once the item is purchased, the next stage of the game will be triggered.
※ There is a known bug that the purchase of story items has the chance to cause bugs in the game. Our team is working on it. ※
To unlock the next corresponding item you have to wait until the next in-game day.
The day after buying the last item will determine the outcome, and the Affection stat is the key. If Affection is high enough, you will live happily ever after.

H Scene event requirement

※ A successful night of H (Sex) is needed.

  1. If the Affection and Interest are high enough, you can watch porn videos (Two Stage)
  2. If the Affection and Interest are high enough, the shower event will be triggered.
  3. If the Interest is high enough, the go home early from work event can happen (Randomly triggered)
  4. If the Affection, Interest, and Energy are high enough and she is dissatisfied, a special event might happen when sleeping…?


  1. If you proceed to have sex when she goes to sleep on the first day and wake her up, the death ending will be triggered. (It will be safe after the 1st night)
  2. To increase Energy, buy items. Money is power, after all.
  3. Want to make a fortune in a short time? Try to work your part-time job in the business district.

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