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Chained Echoes FAQ

Chained Echoes FAQ

Which button does [thing]?

On your controller press [Start], on your keyboard press P. This will bring up the Pause menu and show all your currently mapped buttons and what each button does.

What does Oil, Dry etc. do?

Enemies with these debuffs receive increased damage (“weakness” is triggered, then the debuff is removed).
Oil: Increases fire damage
Dry: Increases water damage
Heavy: Increases earth damage
Wet: Increases wind damage

Are there missables?


What are SP? How do I use them?

You gain Skill Points (SP) from battles. SP is automatically applied to a party member’s equipped skils (“Set Skills” menu) but also additionally added to their separate SP pool. You can then spend SP to level up skills in that menu to make them stronger. Don’t sit on 999SP! Spend them!

What are these weird circle + arrow markings on the ground?

Each circle points at a hidden treasure’s location with an arrow. If there is more than 1 arrow on a circle, only one points into the right direction, the others are fake. There are at least two circles on a map. Find the spot where both circles directions cross and press the action button. A hidden treasure lies there and you’ll receive it.

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Can I respec / reset skills?


These ghosts are weird! What do I do?

The first attack you do to a ghost grants them a buff that makes them immune to that type of attack. They can become immune to physical or magical damage, but not both.
In order to defeat them, attack them with one type of attack, then defeat them with the other type.

I can’t access this location! I tried everything!

Continue the game, you will unlock ways to traverse maps differently and access new parts of the game this way.

How does Sienna not get caught by the man having dinner?

In the part of the town, go to the very right of the map behind a house.

Where is the Phioran couple?

The wife is to the south of Basil at the lighthouse. The husband is outside of Farnsport, to the south, you exit Farnsport to the north, head right, jump into the water and follow the river. He’ll be swimming there.

What is Hate? Why is this enemy only attacking the same party member?

It’s this game’s aggro mechanic. The more damage a party member does to an enemy the more hate they have against the party member and the likeliness of the enemy attacking them is increased.

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What does “Aggressiveness” mean in the options?

This option affects how often enemies use skills instead of regular attacks.

How do I get to the Phyon Oasis?

On your controller press [Select], on your keyboard press K. You will enter your airship. The Phyon Oasis is northeast of Farnsport, in the desert.

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