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Chained Echoes Switching Characters

Switching Characters

Transcribed Tooltips

Each of your four characters in the active party can be linked to a reserve character, resulting in a so-called tag team.

In order to link two characters, go into the FORMATION menu and set the characters next to each other. These two characters now share a battle slot and can be switched out freely within battle.

Transcribed Tooltips

In battle, you can press RB to see the linked character and then press RB a second time to switch out. This does not cost an action. The new character can act immediately.

Having every character in a tag team allows for having up to eight characters taking part in a single battle.

Only characters that are not incapacitated can switch. Incapacitated characters block a slot. Buff and debuff’s durations freeze while switched out.

Switching a character has a lot of meaningful uses.

  • It lowers Overdrive Bar (!).
  • It gives access to more skills, which opens up more strategies.
  • If your character is about to run out of HP or TP, they can be switched out and brought to safety.

Occasionally, enemies will use a status effect called “Stagger”. Once inflicted, the staggered character will be unable to act until they are switched out.

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