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Chasm – All Daggers and Swords


Note: I have not had every weapon to test so more button combo attacks may exist.

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Weapon / Atk

Fist Weapons
Brass Knuckles – A metal bar that concentrates the force of your punches. 8
Gauntlet – Heavy iron glove that adds weight to your punches. 13
Push Dagger – Deadly palm-sized blade that protrudes from the fist. 18
Boxing Glove – Padded leather glove that protects the knuckles. 22
Meteoric Gauntlet – Gauntlet made of a strange alloy that’s not from this world 25

Knife – Simple iron blade that’s useful for close range combat. 4
Spike Dagger – triangular-bladed knife that resembles a spike. 9
Wendigo’s Claw – A razor-sharp claw from the fearsome Wendigo. 11
Curved Knife – A sturdy hunting knife with a curved blade. 14
Ritual Dagger – An ancient knife that heals you as it hurts your opponent. 23
Emerald Blade – A sharpened emerald that increases the appearance of items. 20 + Inc. Item Drop Rate

Short Sword – Standard-issue sword used by the Guildean military. 1
Longsword – Steel blade with a longer reach than most swords. 8
Falchion – A heavy single-edged sword designed for cutting. 13
Knight Sword – Longsword carried by the knights of ancient Lynhein. 18
Scimitar – A light, curved blade commonly used in horse warfare. 23
Sabre – Sword with a curved blade and a protective handguard. 15
Cutlass – Slashing sword used by sailors of the Silent Sea. 11
Silver Sword – A beautifully crafted sword made of silver. 18
Officer’s Sword – A ceremonial sword carried by officers. 20
Swift Sword – A long, curved blade that is great for slashing with speed. 12
Assassin’s Sword – A deadly black sword that gets stronger the more it is used. 20
Practice Sword – A wooden practice sword that is great for learning. 14 + 5% XP
Throwing Sword – A light sword that returns to you when thrown. 25
Gladius – a double-edged blade suited for stabbing or thrusting. 22
Sword of Light – A sword Blessed by the Divine Light of the Watchers. 26
Hunting Sword – A sword that increases your knowledge of your quarry. 17 + Instant Bestiary
Gildian Blade – A short sword that has a stunning gilded blade. (Backer Only) 8 + Inc. Gold Drop Vipera Blade – A poisonous blade used by elite assassins. (Backer Only) 14 + Poison
Elven Sword – A light sword from a land beyond the Silent Sea. 18

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Club – A Rudimentary club carved from the wood of a yew tree. 5
Broadsword – A Large blade with a handle wrapped in boiled leather. 13
War Hammer – A Heavy iron hammer that is ideal for close combat. 15
Claymore – A Formidable double-edged blade with a crossguard. 18
Battle Ax – A Double-sided ax with an iron rod for a handle. 23
Executioner’s Ax – A Cursed ax with blades that resemble the wings of a bat. 35
Gilded Hammer – A well-crafted bronze hammer inlaid with gold and fine jewels. 28
Flambard – A sword with a wavy blade that shimmers like fire. 29 + Hadoken to shoot flames.
Titan’s Hammer – A ground-shaking stone hammer with a magical jewel inlaid. 25
Trell’s Sword – The greatsword of the terrible tyrant King Trell. 30

Leather Whip – A Short whip made of interwoven leather strands. 3
Bone Whip – A Medium-sized whip assembled from razor-sharp vertebrae. 6
Thorn Whip – A Long leather whip with embedded wooden thorns. 10
Morningstar – A Heavy spiked ball attached to the end of a chain whip. 16
Cat Tail Whip – A Whip with multiple strands bound to a common core. 20

Spear – Wooden pole with a small, sharp blade. 3
Halberd – heavy iron pole with an ax head on the end. 9
Glaive – large curved blade affixed to the end of a pole. 14
Spontoon – spear with a pair of razor-sharp side blades. 19
Trident – magical weapon used for piercing at a distance. 24

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War Club – Blunt weapon made of wood and banded with steel spikes. 9
Hand Ax – Small ax that is useful as both a tool and a weapon. 14
Pernach – An iron rod affixed with a tough flanged head. 18
Mace – A deadly spiked ball attached to the end of a rod. 20
Scepter – An ornate golden scepter used by royalty. 24
Crystal Rod – Magical rod that can fire crystalline projectiles. 28 + back,forward,attack
Shaman’s Ax – A ceremonial tool that is both bone-bladed ax and scepter. 34

Shovel – An ordinary tool used for digging.

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