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Apple – A delicious red apple. (17 HP)
Grapes – A bunch of juicy grapes. (17 HP)
Carrot – A crunchy sweet carrot. (18 HP)
Pot Pie – A savory pie containing meat and veggies. (18 HP)
Bread – A loaf of freshly baked bread. (20 HP)
Turkey Leg – A large roasted turkey leg. (21 HP)
Coxinha – A fried dough covering shredded chicken. (22 HP)
Salmon – A piece of savory smoked salmon. (27 HP)
Mushroom – A tasty edible fungus. (27 HP)
Steak – A juicy piece of steak. (36 HP)
Coffee – A cup of strong black coffee. (36 HP)
Pizza – A flatbread covered with meat and cheese. (36 HP)
Cheese – A well-aged chunk of cheese. (45 HP)
Hot Chocolate – A cup of rich hot chocolate. (45 HP)
Beef Stew – A hearty bowl of hot stew. (53 HP)
Lamb Chop – A succulent cut of lamb. (53 HP)
Hamburger – A perfectly cooked hamburger. (53 HP)
Venison – A medallion-shaped cut of meat. (30 HP)
Muffin – A small muffin made from whole grains. (50 HP)
Cupcake – A small cake with sweet icing. (55 HP)
Eclair – A long pastry filled with cream. (55 HP)
Tart – A round pasty with a fruit filling. (50 HP)
Baguette – A long and crusty loaf of bread. (65 HP)
Donut – A ring of fried dough. (50 HP)
Scone – Ethel’s famous chocolate and cherry scone. (200 HP)


Tonic Recipe – A recipe to create Tonics.
High Tonic Recipe – A recipe to create High Tonics.
High Potion Recipe – A recipe to create High Potions.
Antidote Recipe – A recipe to create Antidotes.
Strength Potion Recipe – A recipe to create Strength Potions.
Time Potion Recipe – A recipe to create Time Potions.
Sight Potion Recipe – A recipe to create Sight Potions.
Speed Potion Recipe – A recipe to create Speed Potions.


Potion – Restores 75 HP when consumed.
Tonic – Restores 50 MP when consumed.
High Potion – Restores 200 HP when consumed.
High Tonic – Restores 100 MP when consumed.
Strength Potion – Increases melee damage when consumed. (30 seconds)
Time Potion – Slows down time for when consumed. (20 seconds)
Sight Potion – Reveals objects hidden by magic when consumed. (60 seconds)
Speed Potion – Gives you temporary super speed when consumed. (60 seconds)
Elixir – Restores 300 HP and 100 MP when consumed.

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