Children of Morta How to Beat Aazam

Children of Morta Bosses
Children of Morta Bosses

Children of Morta Aazam

The boss can go underground and appear at any point in the room. One of the first attacks it will use is a three slash long-range attacks that fire big energy waves towards the player. However, the waves do not travel the entire room so for the most part it is safe to simply run in the opposite direction. This changes when it’s a single wave, the range is superior and can travel the entire room. After you take half of its health, it will go into an ethereal state and charge against the player. It cannot be hit in this state. From here on out, it will regularly summon thieves near the player. They can be annoying, but they also drop Health Potion, so be on the lookout.

Boss Stats

A table with all the stats of bosses in Children of Morta.

BossBase DamageBase Move SpeedBase HealthBase ArmorBase CriticalBase ResistHit Cancel ResistPushback ResistDeath XP RewardMove Imparing
Spider King20.666400202002005000.7
Goblin King11.864800202002004000.7
Goblin Queen1164800202002004000.7
Dead Boise274.517840202002008300.7
Scorpion King29.425.516780203003008500.5

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