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Children of Morta How to Beat Deadboise

Children of Morta Deadboise

Another melee boss. This one’s a hard hitter and he can attack twice consecutively. I managed to beat this one with Kevin, but in my case, he was my highest level character. One of the hardest parts was building up Kevin’s Frenzy mode, but after that, it went better. After a bit of fighting (he will only use melee attacks), he will root himself to the ground and some roots will emerge. You’ll have to destroy the roots to attack Deadboise, but these roots can drop potions. Deadboise doesn’t have any ranged attacks, which makes ranged characters perfect for this mission. You can try your luck with Linda or Lucy. As long as you keep Deadboise at bay or dodge his attacks, the fight will go smoothly.

Boss Stats

A table with all the stats of bosses in Children of Morta.

BossBase DamageBase Move SpeedBase HealthBase ArmorBase CriticalBase ResistHit Cancel ResistPushback ResistDeath XP RewardMove Imparing
Spider King20.666400202002005000.7
Goblin King11.864800202002004000.7
Goblin Queen1164800202002004000.7
Dead Boise274.517840202002008300.7
Scorpion King29.425.516780203003008500.5

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