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Children of Morta How to Beat Gobling King & Queen

Children of Morta Gobling King & Queen

The boss deals melee damage but can charge against the player from one side of the screen to the other pretty quickly. Even with John, you can easily hit this boss once and dodge, sometimes you can even hit him twice. Keep up this pattern and around mid health, another boss will be summoned. Make sure to take down the one with half its health bar first.

The second boss deals a lot more damage and can reach long distance with jumps and smash the ground. This will deal damage in an area of effect. Make sure you keep your Stamina up to be able to dodge. Within melee range, the second boss will launch two consecutive attacks, so be prepared to dodge twice. If you’re playing with John, you can dodge once, but make sure you’re holding the direction keys on the opposite side while you dodge or the hits will reach you.

Boss Stats

A table with all the stats of bosses in Children of Morta.

BossBase DamageBase Move SpeedBase HealthBase ArmorBase CriticalBase ResistHit Cancel ResistPushback ResistDeath XP RewardMove Imparing
Spider King20.666400202002005000.7
Goblin King11.864800202002004000.7
Goblin Queen1164800202002004000.7
Dead Boise274.517840202002008300.7
Scorpion King29.425.516780203003008500.5

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