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Children of Morta How to Beat Spider King

Children of Morta Spider King

This is it, your first boss. I’ve had trouble beating this boss at first, so I had to die a few times before I got it, right. After a few tries in the Silk Caverns, you will unlock Kevin, a new character. Personally, it was a lot easier for me to beat this boss with Kevin, despite having a significantly harder playthrough. I’d recommend trying with Kevin if you’re having trouble. You need to be careful until Kevin gains his Frenzy mode in which he gains attack speed. Once your Frenzy bar is filled, you can start attacking the Spider King as much as you can and it’ll go down in no time.

This boss has a very consistent attack pattern. It will first use the spiderwebs to move outside the screen and smash the ground wherever the player is. Save your dashes for these attacks as it can be a bit difficult to avoid otherwise. After that, it will summon big spiders and these can be a pain since they have long-range attacks. Try to deal with the spiders as soon as possible. The only chances you get to attack the boss is when it smashes the ground and goes to the top side of the room to summon more spiders.

Boss Stats

A table with all the stats of bosses in Children of Morta.

BossBase DamageBase Move SpeedBase HealthBase ArmorBase CriticalBase ResistHit Cancel ResistPushback ResistDeath XP RewardMove Imparing
Spider King20.666400202002005000.7
Goblin King11.864800202002004000.7
Goblin Queen1164800202002004000.7
Dead Boise274.517840202002008300.7
Scorpion King29.425.516780203003008500.5

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