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Chronicon – Loading Screen Tips

Loading screen tips

  • Remember to spend your skill points!
  • All monsters behave differently, keep an eye on their tags as they will list most special powers and behaviours!
  • Some monsters are extra powerful, these are called Champions. They are much more dangerous than regular monsters, but will award with more loot and experience!
  • Spells and abilities that own their own don’t seem so useful are often very useful in combation with certain other spells or abilities, especially in co-op!
  • There are many optional quests to complete and many secrets to find, all of which are highly rewarding!
  • Part of being a good fighter is knowing when you are outmatched and should retreat. You can’t win every fight.
  • Keep an eye out for items with red colored text, these are extremely rare and powerful, and will sometimes alter your abilities drastically!
  • There are five different equipment rarities; Ordinary, Enchanted, Rare, Unique, and Legendary.
  • Most main areas will have a waypoint spawn somewhere in them, find this to be able to quickly return to the area later.
  • Be on the lookout for Shrines! They may provide you with temporary powerful bonuses, but not always…
  • Sarek in The Chronicon will purchase any goods you don’t need. He’ll also periodically update his own stock with fresh equipment and potions!
  • You can use a Scroll of Return at any time to get back to the Chronicon. However some special areas are restricted from portal use.
  • Are you lost or don’t know what to do? Check your quest log for clues!
  • Need help with something, or do you find something confusing? Check out the Help index in the menu!
  • Do you feel the game is a bit too dark? Change the “Extra Ambient Light” setting on the Video & Interface options.
  • Did you know you can rebind all keys, including the gamepad, for all players? Check out the controls in the options menu!
  • Too easy or too hard? Remember that you can change the difficulty setting before you enter the game!
  • You can click/interact with talking NPC’s multiple times to change the scrolling speed of the text.
  • Collecting a full item set may be difficult, but the set bonuses makes it worth it!
  • Starting from level 30, Legendary class sets can be found. These are some of the best in the game!
  • Tarot in The Chronicon has some of the most valuable items in the world.. maybe. Take a gamble and see if you get lucky!
  • Too many or perhaps too few numbers on the screen in combat? Check out the Video and Interface options to customize your experience!
  • On higher difficulties you definitely want to invest in defensive skills and auras. Also keep a look out for items with resistance bonuses!
  • Once you reach level 100, you unlock a new tier of equipment only found on Legendary difficulty!
  • Confused or unsure about what a specific stat does? Check out the Help section in the menu!
  • When you beat the story you should have a word with Tinka… he’s been working on something special!
  • Ethereal damage is a special damage type used by some special items and effects. It ignores all resistances and uses your strongest damage element to deal damage!
  • True Legendary items can be found on the Legendary difficulty, and higher. You must be level 100, and you cannot gamble them!
  • Your difficulty level also affects the chance to roll higher base stats on all items!
  • Remember, once you’ve unlocked Gemma, you can place sockets on any item!
  • Don’t forget to Augment your favorite enchants at Chantie’s!
  • Overpower is a great stat to have, especially on high difficulties. It allows you to ignore some of your foe’s resistances!
  • Don’t forget that Gemma can help you upgrade your gems!
  • You can customize your interface in many ways in the options menu!
  • You can customize your visual settings, such as bloom effects, in the options menu!
  • Grab new Active skills as soon as you can to keep on top of things!
  • You can hold Force Attack (Default: shift) to prevent looting during combat!
  • Found a bug? Report it and watch it get squished!
  • You can swap between selected Active skills without resetting your entire build by right-clicking them in your skill tree and selecting Swap.
  • There are many Transmutation recipes, and some are completely hidden! You may find clues in the game world or on item texts.
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